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16 year-old brazilian male, avid r/tf2 shitposter.

--- Shameless promotion ( Price change, explanation down below ) ---

I'll be making profile pictures for now, they'll be mostly pixel arts (like this one) with some basic stuff on it.

I'll make them with 3 cosmetics + 1 equipped weapon of choice / taunt you want to show, and the cost varies depending on the resolution:

64x64: 1.33 ref. Like, seriously, it isn't that hard.

128x128: 4 ref

256x256: 12 ref

Extra class: +25% of the base price

Unusual effect: + 8.3% to 25% of the base price, depending on details. Blizzardy Storm won't really take much to do, but Something Burning This Way Comes can take some time, because it's a literal burning bat.

Explanation for the price change, if you don't want to read, just skip it.

I changed the price because some of those comissions took quite a long time to draw with the shadows, and some have been really, really detailed. And also, some people said that my comissions were pretty cheap for their quality, so, I decided to step up the price. And I also decided to add prices for unusuals + extra classes, since, yeah, one class already took some time, so, more classes would just be boring to make. Every single comission requested before the price change (29/05/18, 10 pm, BRT -3) will stay at its original price.

You can make requests through Steam itself by adding me (most of the time i'll remove you afterwards, since my level is pretty low, sorry lol), through the profile comments (not really reliable, since, if i start getting spam / hate comments, i'll just disable them) or through Gmail.

I'll send you the images through the e-mail: setelagoanomoura@gmail.com

PLEASE, remember to link your e-mail and send the loadout (with whatever paint you use / unusual effect / skin) you have and want me to draw.

Oh, also, I won't be doing more than 1 of those things every day, because they take some time. Like, seriously, it's a pixel art, but it's one that I put effort to lol
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+REP acabei de pensar
Unsukays Sep 15 @ 5:21pm 
-REP to pensando
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+rep A REALLY good and Noice friend of mine ^^
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+rep good artist and cheap too and a nice person
The Mann Himself May 16 @ 6:50am 
+rep Really really nice pixel art. Add this guy for a commission! You won't regret it!
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Amazing artist. never seen sobebody nearly as good. +rep