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ARK is an episodic point and click adventure quest. Game tries to revive that old quests genre charm. Adventure of the game set on a space station inhabited by humans and aliens alike. It’s the age of interstellar travel. The world itself is also fascinating filled with all sorts of technology and aliens of different species which is very appealing to me since I’m a big fan of sci-fi genre. The result is certainly very smooth and polished presentation of the setting and the characters. Great audio, with the voice of the protagonist Alicia voice being amazing and hot. In the role of this beautiful girl of the future we live on a giant space station called AR-K, moving within the AR-K, talking to citizens, solving puzzles and of course party hard. She is in college training to be a journalist after being expelled from the police force because of a mysterious sphere was found in her possession. Like most good democracies everyone freaks out about this and she is disgraced and forced to leave the profession she loves, by being charged with a crime of stealing that sphere device. Game starts with Alicia finding herself waking up after a night of wild party and a wicked hangover. From here it is up to you to uncover the conspiracy surrounding the sphere and what it has to do with you. Story can sometimes surprise and amaze you with outcome of your actions and dialogues maintain a healthy dose of sarcasm and often of craziness. My wife and I really enjoyed playing it together, episode one was her favorite, though I liked them all the same.
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