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Posted: Apr 26, 2020 @ 1:48am
Updated: Apr 26, 2020 @ 1:53am

I liked Doom because Doomguy didn't take the story seriously. In Eternal, he takes it too seriously. I liked Doom because the environments felt believable. Here, they have Mario-esque platforming obstacles. I liked Doom because it pushed the player into very proactive playstyles, and I think the harder counters in Doom Eternal end up ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ with the pacing. I want a nice, smooth experience; I beat Doom on Nightmare on PC, I believe Ultra-Nightmare on Xbox, and hey, I even triple dipped and picked it up on Switch, but haven't finished it there yet.

I loved going through multiple playthroughs of that game. The challenge there was perfect. This game isn't any harder, but it is a lot more tedious due to the way the enemies are designed with more discrete counters that flatten the overall encounter variety. I loved Doom for the level design; I can count multiple levels as some of my favorite shooter levels there. Here, I don't really think there are any standouts; it's a series of linear corridors, nothing winds back in on itself, you never find yourself looking at something and going "how do I get there" unless you come back around to it.

What I'm saying is, this isn't a sequel to Doom 2016. It's got a completely different design ethos, and while a lot of the mechanics are fun, this game wants to be a game for Doom memers and simps and honestly, I'm not here for that. I wanna BE Doomguy, not be some nerd cosplaying as Doomguy who knows all the memes.

I love some of the core mechanics, but the overall package just isn't what I wanted from a Doom game. This is more like Quake 4 or something.

At the end of it all, I was thinking about hard drive space, and I ended up uninstalling Doom Eternal. I still haven't uninstalled Doom 2016. Probably never will.
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Developer response:
Bethesda_FalcoYamaoka  [developer] Posted: Oct 28 @ 1:37pm

We are sorry to hear that Doom Eternal did not live up to your expectations.

The goal of Doom Eternal was to expand and improve on everything that players enjoyed in Doom 2016 as well as paying homage to earlier Doom games that long time fans will recognize. While the story of Doom 2016 is different in its theme, Doom Eternal brings back some of the aspects from previous Doom games that give it an all out, crank it to 11 atmosphere in its story-telling and character development.

The playstyle of Doom Eternal has become more demanding in comparison to its predecessor, which aims to challenge players in decision making during combat. The implantation of the chainsaw was added as not only an additional weapon to your arsenal, but to also bring situational awareness of when you will need more ammo and how to prioritize enemies knowing that resource management is now an element to survival.

Players need to adept to making quick decisions to adopt a strategy to succeed in becoming the almighty Doom Slayer! Depending on the difficulty you play on, there will be a different number of ammo and fuel caches available throughout the map, but good understanding of the levels will also help in succeeding those too close for comfort moments in battle. Also keep in mind that weapons have more then one setting depending on how they are upgraded and that your Doom Slayer has a plethora of other items he can use when running low on ammo like the ice grenades (to freeze enemies to get out of tight situations), blood punch (once its built up), and the glory kills that have been a staple to the Doom gameplay.

The addition of some mechanics like the double jump and dash ability also helps to make the maps more varied in the way they can be traversed and exploration of hidden treasures. There are plenty of hidden treasures throughout the level that encourage precise combing of the environment that will reward additional unlocks. It also adds a totally different type of puzzle system to the game that will require understanding of the level and character movement to complete.

We are always trying to improve our players' experience and would love to hear how your experience would have been better when playing Doom Eternal. We encourage you submit your ideas to our development team via a feedback ticket at help.bethesda.net

Thank you for your review and we hope you give Doom Eternal another try.

Warm Regards,

The Bethesda Team
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