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Unlocked Jan 14, 2014 @ 9:59am

First Day on Set!

Finished your second level

Talent Spotter!

Collect 3 hidden stars

Movie Maker!

Upload a level

Movie Buff!

Receive a level

Five Star!

Grab five stars in one run!

Action Hero!

Earn all Movie Mode stars!

Cupcake King!

Finish the Cupcake Cup in Deleted Scenes!


Finish the Totem Cup in Deleted Scenes!

Lucky Mclucky!

Finish the Mclucky Cup in Deleted Scenes!

Mr Roboto!

Finish the Roboto Cup in Deleted Scenes!


Finish the Dino Cup in Deleted Scenes!

Stars in Their Eyes!

Achieve 7 Ministar stars!


Achieve 6 Combo stars!

Speed Star!

Collect 5 Time stars!

Winter is Coming!

Finished the second act of Movie Mode!

I AM the Law!

Finished the third act of Movie Mode!

King of the Swingers!

Finished the fourth act of Movie Mode!

Rocket Man!

Finished the fifth act of Movie Mode!

Best Director!

Complete all the Movie Maker tutorials!

That's a Wrap!

Earn all Deleted Scene stars!

Pro League!

Grab 5 Pro Medals!

24 Carat Joe!

Grab all the Pro Medals!

Best Supporting Actor!

Finish a four player multiplayer race!

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