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Mah gamez? MTG / Evolve / Guild Wars 2 / L4D2 / CS:GO / TF² (and solo games, too, like all Borderlands franchise)
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# About SWS #

Shadow Worlds Societies community admin and leader @ http://www.shadow-worlds-societies.net . Now defunct. RIP brahs & sistahs.


# About L4D2 #

WORLD RECORD OF KICKED FOR BEING TOO GOOD ON A GAME (average 12x hours of kicking players) AND GROWING!

[Yes], I'm driving you mad, that is, whether you like it or not, for your own good.

L4D2 public server playing is about one thing for you: learning to play or ragekicking me. You just can't do both at the same time. Hope you'll choose fast, I don't have a whole day to take care of your growth.

By the way, there's a good reason blind people never become great photographers. For the same reason, if you have 500h or less and never lead a team, please don't tell people about your brilliant tactical ideas, cause no one cares about them for they're probably useless. I learned from great players: watched and shut the fuck up (thank you guys and girls). Do the same and learn where your place is.

In two sentences: play fast, your goal is the team score. L4D/2 is *not* a heroic Hollywood movie. Statistics: the slower you play, the faster you die. You can't play against stats.

BTW I will also TK/lobby reset all 4/4 pubstomps over 4000h+ or hidden profiles. You're ruining people's game, I'll ruin yours.

Oh and most impotant thing is: if you're telling me what to do, then you have 99.999999999% odds to be wrong.

Guiding tips, you're a dumbass if you...
- Say "go" in a lobby.
- Choose "best avalaible dedicated" or hosting local server in lobby.
- Think a 120ms ping is not playable on L4D2 (check BF pings).
- Need 4 people to start playing a game.
- Play with more than one friend VS randoms.
- Votestart a lobby with < 8 players in.
- Use machine guns, except M60 and except on a tank.
- Dodge witches.
- Do not vote.
- Vote F2 on a non-random, non-rematch vote.
- Vote F2 when you don't know what to vote.
- Stop pressing forward for any reason.
- Votekick people after a level is over.
- Blame people after a level is over.
- Say "teamplay", "stop rushing", "attack together".
- Use adren to heal up.
- Give pills/adren to someone using a kit.
- Do not use a kit on a non green surv who has none.
- Use pills when you have plenty of time healing.
- Use molo for any reason than a tank or a forced rush.
- Use biles for no reason.
- Go back against a tank.
- Don't crouch+machine gun on a tank.
- Votekick someone which is better than you.
- Use "bind" spamming, text or vocal.
- Never use "quick match" button when in a hurry to play.
- Use a hidden Steam profile, non public.
- Fake/hide your identity instead of trying to find one on Steam community.


# About GW #

Gave up Guild Wars after 3500 hours. Still randomly connecting. Miss you, guys. Same for GW2.


# About AoE II #

Just farmin'.


My website / sound blog, get sound & playlists there [www.innersonics.net]
My photographer site [www.williampinaud.photography]
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I [:heartris:] you.
a very kind and sweet player! <3 +rep xoxo
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hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :fluffyhappy:
cool player!
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Who are you? What are you trying to achieve by posting here? :steamfacepalm: