Lucas Mateus de Oliveira   Taboao Da Serra, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Num tenho muito o que dizer aqui mais de boa seis entende que e simplesmente um gamer procurando jogos.

Algumas Informações um tanto inuteis '-'

Nick primario: fptbb

"As the philosopher Python, who had as disciple Karl Marx, once said: Everything on this life depends on how much you want to bang someone. You work to bang someone, you study to bang someone, you take drugs to bang someone, you work out, take poison, you do EVERY FUCKIN' THING to bang someone, you go to a concert with the intent of banging someone, you make a donation, you do charity, you publish photos of the charity you did on Instagram, and on Facebook, so some lady will look and say: "Oh... He's charitable, he think socially, I gonna bang him." IT'S TO FUCKIN' BANG SOMEONE. Everything you do in life carries then intention of banging someone. How much you want to fuck a cunt! So, don't try to tell me you're charitable or that you are a friend of the community. You're no one's friend, you just want to bang someone! You want to fucking bang someone. You don't study to get a nice job or to get rich and say you're successful. You study to say "FUCK YOU, I HAVE MONEY, I GONNA FUCK, BITCH! I GONNA FUCK EVERYONE!". So that's the idea. Do everything, everything on the intent of banging a pussy, FUCK!!!"
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