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Jennifer Vanessa   Virginia, United States
I realized who I am, as much as I hate it.

Beginning to transition.


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The calm blue falls in love with the sailor,
He takes all he wants sensing no danger.
The sea grows jealous, he never cared or
Provided, now waves swell with her anger.
The sorry man falls in with a loud splash.
Tonight the deep, dark blue decides to take.
His craft rips apart, as the waves crash,
This once was his own obedient lake.
The ocean pulls her lover close,
He's trapped under the waves like they're rubble.
He can't reach any air with his mouth or nose.
He sees his life fly past in a bubble.

The sailor takes a breath, he knows he's done.
And the jealous blue mistress knows she's won.

I've Ruined You

I was like an asteroid when I fell, I destroyed everything around me.
But you still stayed with me.
You, who carried my problems on your back like a stubborn mule during our long journey together.
You tried to be my everything. When I was tired you were my coffee; when sick, my medicine. When I was hurt, you were my surgery.
But when I was sad, you were insignificant, like a fly trying to eat my food.
Like Mother Teresa you gave, for nothing in return.
But you had no God, no reason to help me.
You were like a rainforest that I kept cutting down until there was nothing left.
And now there is nothing left. I turned you into the same empty shell that I am.
You were the brightest star and I turned you into a black hole.
For that, I would like to say, I’m sorry.

Gran Gran Rose
I'm sorry
I tried to remember, to do the right thing.
I know I should have called more,
Not just once, on your last week of life.
I'm sorry, that of how many times I was given your phone number, I only called once.
I'm sorry that only once I chose to talk to you, the rest I was just handed a phone or brought to your room.
I should have visited you because I wanted to, not because it was a necessary burden.
And I still hope today, that you forgive me.
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