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*Gasp* Maybe you should read this, it looks promising ;3
For anyone who was removed or was spoken too about reports and such lately, I was hacked and had no control over my GMAIL and Steam, so I apologise for whatever happened, for those who was either removed, please add me back and I will accept you back, I'm very sorry for anything I have caused!

Also note, if anyone asks about certain trade reports and says you will be banned because of it, don't listen as it is the hacker, they are trying to get your account aswell as gmail. At the time I was tired so my brain was complete jelly, reason they hacked mine, but I got them back! Also Careful of the name Baron as there is no such thing as Steam Admins

About Me

Hiya, My name is Kassi, I'm a submissive femboy, tho only to other guys, if I'm with girls I kind of will be dominate, tho that's only in relationships.I'm single but don't expect me to be easily taken by anyone, I'm not dating anymore, sorry if that ruins people who has feelings for me, but from the amount of pain I gotten from my previous relationships(Didn't get pain from the one which was broken up now) I kinda am done with it, I'd rather not get anymore pain. Sorry. I'm a very honest, loyal and nice person, so expect me to always stay by you unless you do something I hate which is rare and I'm always going to give my honest opinions. Thanks For Reading This, I hope we become besties in the near future! Love You All~~~~<3!

My Favourite stuff! :D

Favourite Food:
1.My favourite food is always going to be muffins, I love them to death and is the reason my favourite pony is Derpy Hooves, I loved muffins before I saw Derpy :D!
2. Gumdrops, my fav kind of sweets :D

Favourite Game: I mostly like rpgs and storyline but I'll give this one to Team Fortress 2, it was the first game which really entertained me and made me happy, I don't really care if it becomes not fun anymore to everyone, it'll always be my fav!

Favourite Drink: I looooove Coffee and Diet Coke, just the flavour and everything!

Favourite Music: I love every kind of music, besides miku, the robot singing girl and those types, but if I had to choose my main fav, it'll be anything with piano or just piano instrumental only, it's very calming and relaxing!

Not sure what other favourites I have but I'll think of some more in the future!


Unusual (Mostly wanting an all class :3 But any would do) [x]

Australium Scattergun, Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle [x]

Cosmetics (Alot of cosmetics for me to say) [x]

Probably more when I see something which I want :o


I don't have alot of talents but I guess I can name some I'm good at.

I can basically sing, not a good singer but I love it anyways!

I can beatbox, not like those badass beatboxers just I know a small bit.

I can kind of draw, not very good, but I am getting far atleast.

And that is basically it, if I get good at something, I can update this but for now, I can only do those.


Ok, I'm not going to say all of them, some of them are very private, but I have a few problems which I do in life.

I drink alcohol, I only drink if there is some around and I can get easily, I'm not that addicted to buy them myself.

I do have a small bit of ADHD, like symptoms, I shall say some which I've noticed myself.
I have Trouble Paying Attention
I Fidget alot
I am very forgetful
I am unable to stick at tasks that are time consuming
I am unable to listen and carry out instructions
I do have anxiety
I have depression so my sleeping pattern is bad
I am very antisocial, so I'm very shy and nervous towards talking or having any interactions with anyone around me.
I am bad at organizing things
And that is all I can name for now, not sure if there is any more symptoms which is out there about me, some might be not ADHD, I kind of don't know, but they are still problems about me.

Pony Fav List

1.Derpy And Fluttershy, couldn't choose which goes first and second so fuck it ._.
2.Rainbow Dash
4.Pinkie Pie
Filly Fav List

1.Diamond Tiara And Sweetie belle, same reason with Derpy and Fluttershy.
3.Dinky Doo
4.Chirpy Hooves
5. Silver Spoon

That is all of my favs in my favourite series, MLP!

Thanks For Reading!

Thank you for reading if you got this far, if you're interested about me and everything after reading this be sure to comment your reason on adding, I will not accept unless you're interesting aswell. Anywho I love yew~<3! :D

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[KRC LDR] Broccoil Sep 22 @ 6:12am 
Tf did you add me
Surprise Aug 31 @ 8:43am 
Hello Kassi. I like to add you if you don't mind?
James Aug 17 @ 10:48pm 
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Dr. Fear Jul 25 @ 7:09am 
[FoG] The Heavy Weapons Guy Jul 24 @ 8:46pm