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Personal Achievements


Survive day 2


Survive day 4


Survive day 6


Survive day 8


Survive day 10

Last Man Standing

Beat the final boss

Wealthy Man

Collect 100,000 scrap in total

Who Is Going To Drink All That?

Collect 10,000 water in total

Killing Machine

Kill 10,000 enemies

Bringer Of The Death

Kill 50,000 enemies

The Nightmare

Kill 100,000 enemies

Big Man

Kill 10 bosses


Kill 50 bosses

Who's The Boss?

Kill 100 boses

I Need A Trophy

Kill every unique boss at least once

Quadrat Here!

Unlock Quadrat

King Speaking!

Unlock King


Unlock Gogo

The Death

Unlock "The Death" Artifact

Shard Of Life

Unlock "Shard Of Life" Artifact

Sword Of Fear

Unlock "Sword Of Fear" Artifact

The Secret

Unlock "The Secret" Artifact

Mask Of Terror

Unlock "Mask Of Terror" Artifact

Tormented Soul

Unlock "Tormented Soul" Artifact

The Desire

Unlock "The Desire" Artifact

Orb Of Luck

Unlock "Orb Of Luck" Artifact


Unlock every character and artifact


Beat the game with the death artifact on

Max Mammoth

Fully upgrade the mammoth tower

Max Commando

Fully upgrade the commando tower

Max Sniper

Fully upgrade the sniper tower

Max Gatling

Fully upgrade the gatling tower

Max Hell Bringer

Fully upgrade the hell bringer tower

Max Cryoblaster

Fully upgrade the cryoblaster tower

Max H.S.M.

Fully upgrade the H.S.M. tower

Max Mini Nuke

Fully upgrade the mini nuke tower

I Don't Need These

Sell 500 items

Never Enough

Buy 500 items