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You have found 25 bonuses

You have found 25 bonuses

You have found 50 bonuses

You have found 50 bonuses

You have found 100 bonuses

You have found 100 bonuses

Oho already 150 bonuses

You have found 150 bonuses

It is so much bonuses and it is impossible to find that

You have found 200 bonuses

You have found a heap of gold

Find 5 chests with treasure

Not now there is a lot of gold

Find 10 chests with treasure

Still perhaps gold? yes, how many it?

Find 15 chests with treasure

Well it is precisely the last chest

Find 20 chests with treasure

All gold only yours!

Find 25 chests with treasure

You have saved the victims

Save 10 people

Saviour already village

Save 25 people

In the sea of people it is more than fishes

Save 50 people

Yes here and that is no place to float, people everywhere

Save 80 people

I hope it there was the last

Save 100 people

Enemies are very well-aimed

To have loss in amount of 10 units

I hope you try to turn aside?

To have loss in amount of 20 units

Or there are a lot of enemies or to turn aside nevertheless doesn't leave

To have loss in amount of 40 units

You moluchit a rank 'Sieve'

To have loss in amount of 60 units

We congratulate you have found 10 bombs... well as have found have torn on them

Explode 10 times on a mine

Bombs can be floated

Explode 20 times on a mine

You collect bombs as mushrooms

Explode 35 times on a mine

You have collected all bombs, we congratulate of course, it achievement too

Explode 50 times on a mine.

I have sunk already 10 ships

Sank 10 times

Well I have lost 20 ships of nothing terrible

Sank 20 times

Did you already get advice what it is necessary to turn aside?

Sank 30 times

If it was not your last ship that already close

Sank 50 times

It only beginning!

Shoot 50 times

The main thing to find shells in time

Shoot 100 times

To shoot cheerfully!

Shoot 150 times

Unless still there were enemies?

Shoot 200 times

Do you though get? no matter, almost record

Shoot 300 times

Hmm and it is interesting

Bomb has been planted 10 times

Put more bombs!

Bomb has been planted 50 times

It is more than bombs, it is less than enemies

Bomb has been planted 80 times

Still nobody put so many bombs more than 100 oho

Bomb has been planted 120 times

Confess, has accidentally got?

Destroy 10 enemy ships

Enemies are afraid of you

Destroy 50 enemy ships

You have sunk the small enemy fleet

Destroy 100 enemy ships

The enemy doesn't manage to build frigates

Destroy 150 enemy ships

You were left by any enemy yet

Destroy 200 enemy ships

And this will be more feasible, but you have made him

Destroy 1 boss

To win against 4 bosses, and you are good

Destroy 4 bosses

Bosses don't seem strong any more

Destroy 8 bosses

We they thought you will detain

Destroy 15 bosses

Expert in bosses

Destroy 20 bosses

The new ship always well, and 5 is even better

Find a new ship 5 times

And 10 it is so absolutely excellent

Find a new ship 10 times

Yes here the neutral ships behind each turn

Find a new ship 15 times

It is necessary to find everything the 20th not a limit

Find a new ship 20 times

Yes, yes you play 3 hours!

3 hours in this amazing game