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Personal Achievements

First Step Into Woods!

Earn 100 points

Gettin’ Experienced!

Earn 400 points

Doing It Really Good!

Earn 700 points

Junior Savior!

Earn 1000 points

Advanced Savior!

Earn 1400 points

Serious Savior!

Earn 1800 points

Getting Really Serious!

Earn 2200 points

All eyes on me!

Earn 2600 points

Junior Super Hero!

Earn 3200 points

Advanced Super Hero!

Earn 4000 points

Been There, Seen That, Got the Scars!

Earn 5000 points

Gettin’ Famous!

Earn 6000 points

Great Savior of the Woods!

Earn 7000 points

Cute doesn’t mean Weak!

Earn 8000 points

Higher and Higher!

Earn 10000 points

Chosen Hedgehog!

Earn 12000 points

Reality Bender!

Earn 14000 points

Respected in Woods!

Earn 16000 points

Mega Hedgehog!

Earn 19000 points

Grand Master Hedgehog!

Earn 24000 points

Eye of a Hedgehog, Heart of a Tiger!

Earn 30000 points

Da Real Runner!

Earn 33 000 points

True Hero of the Woods

Earn 39 000 points

Brave Heart!

Earn 50 000 points

The Sky is Not The Limit!

Earn 60 000 points

Coin Collector!

Earn 5 coins

Junior Coin Collector!

Earn 50 coins

Advanced Coin Collector!

Earn 100 coins

Senior Coin Collector!

Earn 200 coins

Very Serious Coin Collector!

Earn 400 coins

Wealthy Hedgehog!

Earn 600 coins

Power in my hands!

Earn 800 coins


Earn 1000 coins

World of opportunities!

Earn 1100 coins

Nothing’s Impossible!

Earn 1200 coins

Power Collector!

Earn 1400 coins

MegaPower Collector!

Earn 1500 coins

Diamond Collector!

Earn 1700 coins

Hedgehog of Changes!

Earn 1900 coins

Nothing Stops Me Now!

Earn 2000 coins

Cute Emperor of the Woods!

Earn 2200 coins

Endless possibilities!

Earn 2400 coins

Spiky Lord of the Woods!

Earn 2600 coins

Hedgehog of Fortune!

Earn 2800 coins

Lucky Stars!

Earn 3000 coins