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Personal Achievements

Escape Artist

Win a game at 1 life.

Iron Man

Win a game that lasted at least 7 turns, without receiving any damage.

The Transcended

Win a game by having 40 or more life.

Bringer of Decay

Win a game by depleting your opponent's deck.

Spectral Wizard

Win a game after playing at least one card from each aspect.

Spellweaver Addict

Play 100 games.
1 / 100

Battle Master

Play 20 Ranked games.
0 / 20


Reach a rating of 1250 or more points.

Trials Veteran

Complete 5 Spellweaver Trials.
0 / 5

Trials Champion

Reach 10 Wins in a Spellweaver Trial.

The Unbeatable

Win 7 Friendly or Ranked games in a row.

The Explorer

Unlock all quest points on the World Map.

The Legendary

Complete 5 Epic quests.
0 / 5


Unlock the Spellweaver fame title. (Reach Fame Level 35)

Hand of Justice

Collect one copy of each Order card from Valiant Dawn.

Prodigy of Wisdom

Collect one copy of each Wisdom card from Valiant Dawn.

Child of the Forest

Collect one copy of each Nature card from Valiant Dawn.

The Flamebringer

Collect one copy of each Rage card from Valiant Dawn.

Dominion Overlord

Collect one copy of each Dominion card from Valiant Dawn.

Necromantic Prince

Collect one copy of each Corruption card from Valiant Dawn.