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Personal Achievements

No Longer A Rookie

Get promoted to Staff Sergeant

First In My Class, But Not Really

Get promoted to Sergeant First Class

Ranking Up Baby!

Get promoted to Master Sergeant

Promoting Like A Boss

Get promoted to Second Lieutenant

Working My Way Up

Get promoted to First Lieutenant

Captain Of My Own Ship

Get promoted to Captain

Making The Majors

Get promoted to Major

Leading The Way

Get promoted to Lieutenant Colonel

Natural Leader

Get promoted to Colonel

Onto The Brigade

Get promoted to Brigadier General

Major Promotion

Get promoted to Major General

Just a General Promotion

Get promoted to Lieutenant General

Just a General Promotion 2

Get promoted to General

Great Customer

Make 10 or more weapon purchases


Make 50 or more weapon purchases

Weapon Collector

Make 300 or more weapon purchases

Secret Weapon Dealer

Make 1000 or more weapon purchases

Headhunting with Striker

Accumulate 500 kills with Striker

Headhunting with Ana

Accumulate 500 kills with Ana

Headhunting with Hawkeye

Accumulate 500 kills with Hawkeye

Headhunting with El Tigre

Accumulate 500 kills with ElTigre

Headhunting with Chris

Accumulate 500 kills with Chris

Headhunting with Big Daddy

Accumulate 500 kills with Big Daddy

Headhunting with Geoffrey

Accumulate 500 kills with Geoffrey

Headhunting with Trish

Accumulate 500 kills with Trish

Strongpoint Defense Hero

Defend Strongpoint 50 times

Deathmatch Expert

Win 50 Deathmatches

Demolition Expert

Win 50 Demolition matches

Cube Rush Expert

Win 50 Cube Rush matches

XTDM Expert

Win 50 Extreme Deathmatches

Survival Expert

Win 50 Survival matches

Plus One

Add 1 friend

The More The Merrier

Add 5 friends

Fellow Soldiers

Add 10 friends

Staying Well Connected

Add 30 friends

Keeping It Together

Create/Join a Clan

Headhunting with Tiffany

Accumulate 500 kills with Tiffany

Escape Expert

Win 50 Escape matches

Headhunting with Rona

Accumulate 500 kills with Rona

Extreme Domination Expert

Win 50 Extreme Domination matches