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No doubt about it, this is the pinnacle of Co-op gaming. From the amazing level layouts to the diversity of each class of character to the vast array of enemies and their various abilities - this game demands co-op from you & your teammates to survive the onslaught of Vermin attacks to the powerful end bosses let alone the dangerous environments to get through. The message is clear - Play Alone & you will Die Alone ! To make it to the end of a level and complete the task is a very rewarding experience. To fail the level makes you much more determined to start again and NOT make that one mistake that brought the attempt to a bitter end. When you are "down" and your teammates are being attacked and you watch your remaining health being chipped away when suddenly one of your teammates drives through the massacre to aid you back to your feet to boost your chances of enduring the relentless attack is a wonder unto itself and contributes heavily to the reward of playing the highly addicting Co-op game play required. The back & forth banter of the characters as you make your way through the levels really makes each play through feel like a one of a kind adventure. This team of misfits really are delightful to listen to and that "Battle about to start" music gets the blood pumping as the oncoming attack is inevitable. It is hard to stop playing this Masterpiece and really only has one other contender for this kind of intense action,
Warhammer : Vermintide - The end times ! Great job Fatshark - this game really does it for me !!!
On July 25 1983 the first METALLICA album, KILL "EM ALL was released as an import only for North America. This record was released on the label MUSIC FOR NATIONS. The radio station CFOX had a show called the IMPORT HOUR that was hosted by the owner of ODYSSEY IMPORTS. The show premiered the new METALLICA for the first time and the host said the album would be available for sale on the following Monday.I was completely blown away by what i heard so i went downtown Vancouver B.C.to Granville Street and i was the only person there when the doors opened. I bought the very first copy of the mighty groundbreaking new "KILL "EM ALL" and i made my way to Seymour street where a high end stereo store was located and i showed the salesman what i had. He started freaking out and offered to play my new METALLICA record in the store. We cranked it up and everyone in the store was also blown away by the new Shredding Metal record. So i was the first to buy and own and play KILL'EM ALL in Vancouver !

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The new game CULTIC is an old school tip of the hat to the first person shooter BLOOD ! This game is made by 3D Realms and contains all the old pixel graphics, sound effects, awesome levels, awesome and creepy music, bad Cultic guys, under water caves, tunnels, level secrets, weapon upgrades, old school first person shooter ! The game also says CHAPTER ONE so hopefully there will be around 100 - 200 chapters ! LOL ! Well it is a lot of fun so get it and indulge all you old school gamers !:devilskiss:
Thainá Bloodwell Oct 16 @ 7:45pm 
:ShinyHeart: Have a wonderful day my amazing friend :3 :ShinyHeart:
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Have a beautiful Friday my dear :3 :Heartyou:
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