Blitz ÂceRosin
DirtyVenom / Alex ÂceRosin   New Hampshire, United States
Profile picture is usually done by someone else as I'm not much of a competant artist. The one I have right now was drawn by Nuke

Do not add me because you like my addons, that's what comments are for.

After you adding me you may get a message asking "How can I help you?" which translates to "Why did you add me?"

I have a pretty blatant shark fetish, if you have a shark OC, that's probably why I added you if you've never seen me before.

Your average politically incorrect furfag that makes somewhat decent Garry's mod furfag porn, while being horny every hour of every day.

My favorite bands or musical groups are pretty much just NSP, Powerwolf and Sabaton. Joji and Bionicpig have remained at the top of the list of my favorite artists, though.

Don't like it? Well, that's fine. I understand some people have negative opinions that I can't change, and everyone has the right to their own opinions. All I ask is that people don't harrass me because of simply liking something that doesn't affect them.


Bitte add mich nur wenn du gut Englisch sprechen kannst.
Thank you JD.Horx for German translation!

только на английском языке, пожалуйста.
Thank you Colonel Breeky for Russian translation!

No me agregues si no sabes hablar ingles correctamente
Thank you Denis for Spanish translation!

Le do thoil, suimiú liom nuair atá gramadach maith agat
Thank you Jake/swagmanbillybob for Irish translation!

Je ne parle pas français.
Google translate!

I'm a pretty rude dude with a tude.

Please don't add me "Just to be friends" and then never talk to me, it's rude, y'know.

Most played games:
Garry's mod [Mostly screenshots.]
War Thunder [:germancross:Tier V Germany:germancross:]
Space Engineers [I can't build ships worth a damn.]
Arma 3 [Mainly doing silly shit or Invade and Annex.]

If you got this far and want to add me, say "Tiddies" after you add me so I know you read all of this shit.

Closest friends

Sweetass Otter that's done some really good shit for me out of either kindness or insanity.

Killer of Phat Nurds.

Dergun that's pretty cool, my dood.

Fuckin' slightly annoying dude who I've known for roughly about five or six years, he's pretty dank.

A sweet 'yote.

Hated fagoles
Some foot-fetishy cucky fuck, he's weird in shitloads of ways. Do not add him unless you wanna deal with an annoying cunt.

Removed him for being an asshole, he proved me right.

People I've triggered

An easily triggered "Asscunt" (If I use one of his own retarded insults) that came to my profile and left this comment [] after I criticized something he had posted. He should really think about changing his name from "Artuurs" to "Autist".

Throw some money in the dumpster fire. []
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Portal79 22 hours ago 
is it safe to my wallet ?
Sokol 22 hours ago 
Like, it's safe to show to your Grandma is what I'm saying.
Sokol 22 hours ago 
Guys this is the greatest fucking website designed by a man.
No fucking joke this is seriously great.
It's not what you think it is, it's much better...
Panzer Maiden Cylinth Jun 22 @ 1:28am 
To some of us he certainly is. 💜
Portal79 Jun 22 @ 12:53am 
It's master you nerds >w>
Panzer Maiden Cylinth Jun 21 @ 11:58pm