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Posted: Feb 24 @ 6:05pm
Updated: Feb 25 @ 12:03pm

Elden Ring on PC is a technical mess and I can't recommend it. The world, Bosses, and Core Gameplay look great but the issues are simply unacceptable for this age of gaming. A 60FPS cap in 2022 is ridiculous, And unfortunately even a stable 60 seems unachievable. With a Ryzen 5900x and a RTX 2080 I encountered FPS Drops, Stuttering, and a Unresponsive and frustrating to navigate menu. For some reason it Shows PlayStation Controller inputs with both my Xbox Controller and M&K. Don't bother Playing on M&K as it has some insane delay and acceleration that makes it unplayable.

Also less important but should be mentioned: co-op in this game is awful. The need to use fingers to group up and then regroup whenever you do bosses or enter a dungeon. Progression in co-op is only for the host, so you have to run it for every party member in your group to not be locked out. I know this system is in Dark Souls but this is a new IP and having advertised co-op i expected a much better system. It's really disappointing it hasn't improved after all these years.
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GANVYREMAN May 18 @ 9:29am 
Stop The Cap
Jakob May 15 @ 12:39pm 
yeah just buy it on ps5 or xsx instead
Your Local Catboy Apr 22 @ 12:57pm 
Soggy Salamander Apr 15 @ 5:57am 
please re buy this game in the settings there is a way to change all button prompts to k and m or xbox controller. as for the multiplayer i have no clue where they advertised coop I honestly forgot there was coop and didnt know there was coop till halfway through the game. overall do yourself a favour and rebuy the game and play it
Judist Mar 21 @ 6:51am 
dude, i play on a 1050 ti and a i5-4670k. If I'm lucky, i'll get 60 fps indoors, but it can drop down to 35 fps. Still playable. Git gud.
danbrooks2k Mar 10 @ 6:05am 
I'm using a ryzen 1700 with a gtx 1650 non super... I play at 720p at medium or high settings on my 65 inch tv... would it kill people to lower the settings until the release a patch or two?
MisterMaul Mar 9 @ 10:54pm 
No maidens? Perhaps you should touch grace? Or maybe you should even git gud?
Daka Mar 6 @ 1:07pm 
lol u dont get an opinion with only 1 hour played
darnell Mar 4 @ 3:40pm 
how do u have PSX button prompts when they don't exist in the pc port???
SUGAR GAY Mar 4 @ 2:55pm 
Anyone who says the Co-op experience is fine is just a fanboy coming to defend their game. I mean why would you want a convoluted multiplayer system where one person gets nothing?