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Considering the fact that this is a four-year-old game that I've owned for almost as long, it's ridiculous that I haven't reviewed it before now. Depth is a unique game that also manages to be cohesive, fun and functional--a bit uncommon these days.

+ eight shark species/classes with unique mechanics, some of which include a subclass to feature yet more species
+ tense, atmospheric gameplay; as a diver, rely just as much on sound as on sight, or carefully exploit human weaknesses as a shark
+ neither team feels inherently stronger than the other; it's all up to the players to make the most of what they're given
+ a bunch of aquatic firearms, most or all of which are actually real, as well as spear guns
+ fun diver equipment like net guns, the DPV (diver propulsion vehicle), the infamous bangstick and more
+ both teams earn increasingly lethal toys as the game progresses; this is something that wasn't fun for me in MOBAs but seems to work well here, outside of the odd match where one team snowballs out of control
+ daily quests which don't expire until you complete them
+ frequent events that bring extra loot to earn and sometimes a new game mode as well
+ three permanent game modes: Blood and Gold, Megalodon Hunt and Hide and Seek (B&G is what I'm actually reviewing, MH is a bit gimmicky, and H&S is absolutely a gimmick but more interactive and fun than it sounds)
+ speaking of earning stuff, the 'treasures' (crates, loot boxes, etc.) can't be bought and are always free to open; event score benchmarks alternate between treasures and specific skins from the event
+ Steam guides gone right: the community resources for this game are excellent and usually up-to-date

- playing well involves gaining and keeping an early advantage, causing a lot of matches to feel predetermined even if they're close
- has a bit of a learning curve (as you might expect from a game where you're either half-blind or bringing teeth to a gunfight)
- the player base is small, sometimes resulting in big skill gaps between teams
- movement isn't truly three-dimensional; there's a limit to how far up/down you can look (I *think* sharks have this limitation too, but I've only noticed it while playing diver)
- Depth has suffered art style dilution over the years in a similar fashion to Team Fortress 2; a lot of the skins from after the implementation of the item system are really silly looking or brightly colored, breaking the game's dark and subdued aesthetic

Overall, Depth does a lot of unique things well
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