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Dina   Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
:blueFlowerNKOA:ɴᴏτ ᴀccᴇᴘτιɴɢ ʀᴀɴᴅᴏᴍ ғʀιᴇɴᴅ ʀᴇǫυᴇsτ. υɴʟᴇss wᴇ ʜᴀνᴇ sιᴍιʟᴀʀ
ιɴτᴇʀᴇsτ / ɢᴀᴍᴇs ᴏʀ ιғ wᴇ ᴍᴇτ ιɴ-ɢᴀᴍᴇ, ι ᴍιɢʜτ ᴍᴀкᴇ ᴀɴ ᴇxcᴇᴘτιᴏɴ:blueFlowerNKOA:
:blueFlowerNKOA: instagram [www.instagram.com] :cameralens:I'm not just a pretty girl:cameralens: :LIS_butterfly:Facebook:LIS_butterfly:
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I might not be flawless but you know I got a diamond heart.
:orb: i'm Dina also known as Catface or Cecilia.
:orb: First of all, click instagram [www.instagram.com] and facebook for real photos of me if interested. Only friends are allowed access to my instagram.
:orb: I'm a talkative person (Sort of..), I'm just bad at starting conversations, so if you messaged me I will gladly reply when I can.
:orb: Also if you can't speak at least an understandable English, have no games? set your profile to private? or with steam level zero? DO NOT fucking add me,Thank you very much, because really, what the point? point is NOTHING.
:orb: So precisely, if you are a friends/girls/clunges collector and just adding me to your friends as a +1 friend, without a word or any friendly activity, expect me to remove you few days later or a week if I accepted, I like to keep the track of my friends, and to know them.
:orb: I am not looking for ANY romantic relationship whatsoever in any form or way.
I am here to play, not to chit chat with boys about long distance dating.
:orb: I am not looking to trade ANY of my items, nor am I giving them away or
donating so don't even ask, if you do pest me I will unfriend you immediately, without
any hesitation.
:orb: I hate Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Do not ask me "Why!?", thank you.
:orb: I totally appreciate it, if you kindly gave a Convincing Reason of why you added me.

:imprint: If I removed you:
It's either that you were totally inactive quiet friend that never bothered to message me / had any kind of friendly activity with me, OR you were being a complete Douchebag/Cunt/Drama queen/Backstabber/Untrustworthy/Betrayer that I decided to cut you loose, No hard feelings though just go away... :steamsalty:

:bflower: Favorite games and gaming platforms:
:orb: I play Elderscrolls online casually, from time to time it's still one of my most favorite games.
:orb: I play Dota 2 the most lately, Competitive more than quick play though, I'm A Crusader rank and Support Mainly as well.
:orb: As well you can add me in http://battle.net , if you would like to play with me, I'm DinaHolmen#2267 there for the blizzard games I have if I ever get the mood to bother playing them. I play in the European server mostly.
:orb: Also if you would like to play Battlefield 1 with me, you can add me on Origin , I'm DinaLinaPinkie there.

----------------------------------------------:LittleDizzy: Questions & Answers :LittleDizzy:----------------------------------------------

:bflower: Hi Dina, how do you describe yourself?:
:LIS_butterfly: Hi there! Umm okay, I'm a self-involved, Sweet, warmhearted, overzealous cunt, that love *** and video games.

:bflower: What the.. ? oh nvm! I was wonder to ask you, what is your..:
:LIS_butterfly: Drawing is my favorite hobby, i draw digital characters for furries.

:bflower: Lol.. Okay, but.. I mean, that cant only be it!?:
:LIS_butterfly: Right, I love Snowboarding, Jogging, movies, hiking, baking, chatting.

:bflower: Also for those who add me and And they happen to be lucky and I accepted them:
:LIS_butterfly: I would appreciate a convincing reason of why did you add me as I clean my friendslist every week or so from the people I have never spoke with, except the special ones aka (Besties).

:bflower: Got it! mind if I ask how old are you? And when is your birthday?:
:LIS_butterfly: ..Well I will answer you because you asked nicely, I'm at the mid of my twenties, now your turn to guess the correct number, I was born in the 5th of august though, Also if you are not an 18+ adult, you need to leave my profile IMMEDIATELY And I mean it, like right fucking now, I have no tolerance to babysit kids.

:bflower: Cool beans, Are you a grill?:
:LIS_butterfly: Please don't ask stupid questions to not get stupid answers.

:bflower: Okay, but really though, are you a grill?:
:LIS_butterfly: ..I'm a fucking Alien came to Earth to eat your mother, stop it.

:bflower: Kinky, now seriously, are you a grill?:
:LIS_butterfly: ..Go fuck yourself, WITH A RAKE, And get the fuck out of here already.

:bflower: Oh Em Gee, calm down.. so umm I was wonder to ask.. do you date?:
:LIS_butterfly: No, I don't, as this is gaming community not social media community, so everything will be kept in steam, so I expect you to keep it on steam.
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