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"Goodbye king of delusion"
This is good... isn't it? Friday Night Disco Queen
Superiority Complex.

Don't click this, you'll regret it | God gave you shoes, to fit you.
Outta ideas

Watch this if you are a furry
One is a Job And the other is mental sickness!
-Football mascot

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For a winner, there is nothing to say to a loser.

My Ummah, Dawn Has Appeared


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Today's a great day to find romance and kill your rivals
It is.

I know you have a hard on for me, you don't need to constantly mention me in the chat on TF2.
You know who you are "tough" boy: "Karma will get to you".
Not unless I get to it first.

No apologies. Laugh fuckers it's all funny, I can spit in your face while you're standing across from me.

Severe Superiority Complex, almost leveling a God Complex.
Do forgive me for being so bash, however you are in the presence of a God.
You may bow.

--------------------------------- Random quotes and shit ---------------------------------

No one:
Random girl from Academy of Norway: Dr Ligma is a fake natty
Dr Ligmas boyfriend defending him, named Acceleration: Nah bro he lifts and goes to the gym almost every day, he's a real natty

He said he would get corona and spread the virus to the whole population of Norway so that we can finally be free from school.
She replied:
- "So you would risk the life of the elderly and the sick who suffer from cancer and other illnesses, just so you can have a little bit of freedom from school?"

Dr Ligma: "Hey, wanna fuck? Like a one night stand sort a thing, cause I don't really have feelings for ya."
Random Grill: "Right now it's tempting to fuck all the guys except for you."

I have so much money that if I were to burn it all, planet earth would be 100% carbon dioxide.

I see myself in you. No, like I literally do!

You find me offensive? I find you offensive
For finding me offensive

That sounds like a very tempting offer, but I got a better one.
How about I give you the finger, and you can shove it up your ass.

I do have a fucked up past, but you better be thankful that you don't need to think fast. Cause I'm not going to be the lunatic with a gun shootin' up your family tonight while you fuckin' run.

Then he aimed at his own face, let the thing pop
Took his eye out, picked it up and played ping pong
Then he played ping pong with his own ding dong
That motherfucker's got nuts like King Kong

Now in the Bible it says:
Thou shall not watch two lesbians in bed,
Have homosexual sex
Unless of course you were given the consent to join in
Then of course, it's intercourse
And it's bisexual sex
Which isn't as bad, as long as you show some remorse for your actions
Either before, during or after performing the act of that which
Is normally referred to as such, more commonly known phrases
That are more used by today's kids
In a more derogatory way but
But who's to say, what's fair to say, and what not to say?
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+rep good heal me the spy =D
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+rep With him on your side victory is assured.
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+rep wicked medic:tec:
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this guy... this guy is ♥♥♥♥ed up... like me ;c
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I just made a mistake the tomislav was supposed to be 15.74keys but it was 14.74 sry