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I don't accept all invites (low level, randoms, etc), but I read all the comments so just say anything (no bully!!)

If you have an item concept/idea I suggest you talk it out with other creators. I don't mind giving out feedback though.

If I deleted you from my friend list it's nothing personal, we probably didn't talk much anyway.
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Workshop Showcase
Item by Jukebox
Concept by Mikroscopic
SFM by Dilly
1,724 ratings
Status - Pending, Created by - Los que conocen saben $, Jukebox, and Mikroscopic
elf ear cleaner Oct 15 @ 8:29pm 
Hi, I'm an editor at TF2 Wiki and was curious for sake of Trivia rules: Why are the Flavorful Baggies called...Flavorful? And do you have any other interesting facts to give about the item? Anything works. Congrats and thank you~! :Yoru:
Packman Sep 19 @ 12:10pm 
Aprende a respetar cachorrito. Parece que nunca te han dado una lección de respeto. Encima insultando a mi compa son razón y diciéndome malo, cuando te gané facilito que tu viejo que se transviste en la esquina jajajaja
BenIs_Lmfao Aug 28 @ 4:08am 
Adding to ask perhaps for a possible interview in the future for the Mann Magazine. Also thanks for getting my 4 favorite hats in the whole game added 👍🏻
λtom605 Aug 24 @ 8:19am 
Adding to ask about a workshop item I’m making with some others that is similar to one of yours and wanted to clarify with you in terms of permission stuff
Bob. Aug 9 @ 12:59am 
i came here to ask if Captain Cardbeard Cutthroat is a reference to that one pirate fish from Spongebob (commonly referred as Pirate 3 and Ghost Pirate A)
ÆK47 Aug 8 @ 4:14pm 
bit of an odd question, but i am trying to get the perfect 17th century (1600s) sniper look, and that feather hat i think could work. mind trading w/ me?