Fortnite Fluid   Buenos Aires, Argentina
Stole my grandma weed and she beat my ♥♥♥
She said give it back, so I gave her grass

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3D/Source Filmmaker artist/promo slave


I accept friend invites from people I know, have known, or have an important matter.
If you have an item concept/idea I suggest you pass it to the creators.

Comments are open so be sure to drop one if you have anything to say!
(dota 2 players stay away)



Acepto invitaciones de gente que conozca, haya conocido, o sea algun asunto importante.
Si es por un concepto/idea de items o algo así te sugiero que se lo pases a los creadores mismos.

Los comentarios estan abiertos asi que mandale lo que quieras, pero no bardees mucho.
(ratas del dota 2 abstenerse de comentar)
Dilly Aug 2 @ 12:10am 
@Лёлик I can't rly do that myself you'd have to ask the owner of the items. If it's the real link
w Jul 7 @ 11:55am 
Aye dawg can I get some ice cream?
Dilly May 27 @ 11:46am 
Nope, I encourage you to learn the process by yourself, it's pretty easy. And there's plenty of tutorials on steam. It's called "hexing"
hostetlerdan May 27 @ 8:12am 
Could you do more Fancy tf2 hexes packs?
Soperson Apr 1 @ 1:09am 
hey can you add me you mde my favorite hat and would like to have you as my steam friend
Pekora Baby Mar 17 @ 5:42pm 
ok u real shitboy