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Apr 30 @ 10:35am
In topic Game length
around 30 min
Apr 29 @ 5:19pm
In topic Framerate Issues
We just pushed an update that has major performance enhancements, we would like to know of this fixes things for you.
Apr 18 @ 4:06pm
In topic Boats won't turn with last update
We are rolling out an update for this in an hour or two. Thanks for letting us know.
Apr 18 @ 11:52am
In topic Framerate Issues
We just pushed an update with some modest improvements. We are work on some more.
Sure, we will look into it after performace.
Apr 17 @ 10:17am
In topic Are private games a thing?
I like the idea of a free roam. We put the host join in at the last second. I wanted to just have the play button to make sure there was always the most amount of people to play. Otherwise people tend to go off and make their own servers instead of joining existing ones.
Apr 17 @ 10:15am
In topic Framerate Issues
The next update should have pretty significant increase, I am hoping to get it our later today.
Apr 15 @ 11:32am
In topic Any Console Commands are available?
Their are a few, I should make a list. None of them are very interesting though.
Apr 14 @ 10:07am
In topic always nighttime?
Nightime lasts like 8 minutes if I remember correctly.
Apr 13 @ 5:10pm
In topic cases
Hopefully this is fixed in the patch we just released.
Apr 13 @ 5:10pm
In topic No more cross team voip
This patch has been released
Apr 13 @ 11:31am
In topic No more cross team voip
Thank you
Apr 13 @ 11:05am
In topic No more cross team voip
No you will be able to hear your team all the time.
Apr 13 @ 11:00am
In topic cases
There should be 4 cases. One of each color. But we are aware of a duplication bug that can make this not be true. We have a patch that will hopefully fix this that is going out later this afternoon.
Apr 13 @ 10:49am
In topic Framerate Issues
The min spec comes from the fact of what could possibly run the game, not a typical system. I set the min spec quickly really early in the project, up until the last few weeks of the Beta we were using a lot of VRAM and we reduced it a lot in the final few weeks. I think the actual number is probably more like 3GB but in general we would rather set it high vs low, so that we aren't underestimating it. This also lets us easily add new things to the game like new vehciles and weapons without blowing the min spec and having to change it. I will probably update this once we know this is running well for most people.

AAA teams spend an enormoous amount of resources getting the most out of the hardware they run on. We are a small team (5 people and basically 1 artist), so this is harder for us. Typically you put a bunch of stuff in and way overshoot the spec, then spend a lot of time making hard decistions about where to degregate visuals to make it fit.

In addtion those teams usually have a really wide range of hardware to test on, ours is fairly limited, but typically the game ran well on most of our computers except the really low end ones where we would need to turn down the settings. So your information is very valuable to us.

One of the things we are fighting is that we used Unity3D for this game and found about half way into the 2.5 years it took us to make this that Unity3D was very poorly suited for making this type of game, for many reasons.

With all of that said we are actively working on this right now, and hope to have improvements relatively soon.

Apr 13 @ 10:35am
In topic Leveling System
Yea was planned. We were trying to figure out though what the levels would affect.
Apr 13 @ 10:29am
In topic No more cross team voip
Yea, this was a mistake. We had a lot of dicussion on how this should work before we launched and we just left the options open. We are going to do a patch later today and I think I am going to make it so that "Everyone" is going to be proximity all the time.
Apr 12 @ 7:04pm
In topic Framerate Issues
How much VRam do you have?
Apr 12 @ 11:59am
In topic Battle Royal
We don't need to go off the rails here, I am just curious how many people are interested in this.
Apr 12 @ 11:02am
In topic Offline Bots?
We actaully had bots working for a long time. But I was worried that people would get upset if they started getting killed by AI during a match. I thought the idea of just running around the map killing bots without any real purpose wouldn't be that intersting. But maybe that is something you could do while waiting for people to join.
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