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Q: Are you ever gonna use vc?
A: No. Not in a million fūcking years.

Q: Are you ever gonna show your face or any other body part?
A: Same as the answer above. ^

Q: How long have you been a furry?
A: My entire life.

Q: Are you hetero, gay, or bi?
A: I'm hetero!

Q: Why'd you choose to have a deer fursona?
A: Well, they're cute, gorgeous, and majestic. They're also my favorite animal, next being cats.

Q: Do you like being called cute or adorable?
A: No because I'm ugly as hell.

Q: Why do you own so many trucks?
A: Sh!t if I know, I just do I reckon.

Q: When are you online?
A: It's random each day but if you wanna know an exact, here it is. Monday - Friday after 3:30PM CST and I never know on weekends.

Q: When can I talk to you? and what if you're offline?
A: Whenever, I'll respond to you asap! I'll message you whenever I wake up, plus I may be online but not on steam, or I'm in invisible mode.

Q: Are you single and if so, are you looking?
A: Nope, already in a relationship

Q: How many art pieces do you have of Diesel?
A: V1 has 15 w/ 8 alts, V1.5 has 2, V2 has 28 w/ 3 alts, and V3 has 3 w/ 1 alt. The total being 48 + alts = 60

Q: What's your favorite game?
A: I don't know what my most favorite one is but I have tons of favorites.


1982 2.4L I4 Manual Toyota 4x4 w/ single cab and short bed - No motor/ doesn't run.

1985 5.7L V8 Auto Chevrolet C20 w/ single cab and long work bed - Transmission broke/ does run.

1991 4.3L V6 Auto Chevrolet S10 Tahoe Edition w/ extended cab and short bed - Does run and drive

1994 3.9L V6 Auto Dodge Ram 1500 w/ single cab and long bed - Does run and drive

1999 5.3L V8 Auto Chevrolet 1500 Z/71 w/ single cab and stepside - Does run and drivemo
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