Aidan   Ireland
Im normaly refered to as White or Lightning "NO TRADE OFFERS"

> > > ! PLEASE ! < < < Leave a comment if you wish to add me!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SB60ShJcnmc = Here On The Moon (COVER) II Ft. Magpiepony and Fritzybeat

Welcome to my profile!
I'm white, nice to meet you, if your reading this, your either interested in adding me or just for a trade, don't bother with trading if you are here for trading.

Hopefully we'll get to know each other over time, but let me give you a small idea of how i am as a person. I am a understanding person so don't worry im a good listener at the best of times, i also like a good chat/conversation, or perhaps just playing afew games, im quite a chill person depending on whats going on.


Games i play

- - - Online Games - - -
Teamfortress 2.
Border Lands 2. " Only Recently "
Natural Selection 2.
Payday 2.
Hell Divers.
Left 4 Dead 2.
Age Of Empires 2 HD.
Lambda Wars.
- - - Single Player Games - - -
Papers Please.
Half life 1.
Half life 2 + Episodes.
Half life 1 + 2 Mods.

Don't be afraid to ask me anything.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geogRhkrsco = Roar (Fluttershy Cover)

Gotta keep your eyes forward even if it feels like everything around feels its falling to peices or cracking or just going away, gotta float with the wind and just drift...


White's thank you list.

Romke: Ballicoon Hoodie.
Fluffy: Cleaners Carbine "Strange,Killstreak".
ChromeAngel: Starwars Galactic Battlegrounds Saga.
Tabby: Mount & Blade Warband.
Heyro: Oxygen Not Included.
Xydran: Mann co Keys x3, Dying Light, Borderlands 2 +DLC.
Wirebash: Divinity: Original Sin.
Fasto: Sins of a solar empire, C.A.P.P.E.R, Prof Natasha.
Dan: Unusal Wrencho Relaxo.

I appreciate and thank you for your generosity.

In non-Steam game
The Punisher...
Welcome and make yourself at home, have something sweet.
Theres quite the few interesting things about me you will probably learn over time when your getting to know me or from other people you’ve talked to about me. Knowledge is power use it and get to know your surroundings, or the people around you, understand and know who and what they are.

that's how you know you can depend on people with the experiences, and events you’ve gone through together all the loving tender moments of friendship you created together as friends, whether that be playing games for hours on ends, or having deep and meaningful conversations between each other, they help grow a bond that is strong and meaningful for both or with whoever might be involved, don’t exclude, include.

The power of friendship is strong, and if you nurture it it’ll become something even more powerful than love if you can say that, a friend is someone you depend on and respect as your equal, they’ll be here for you, and you for them.

Just know i’ll be there for you if you ever need a friend always. I might be busy, I might be preoccupied, I might be having fun with others, maybe even talking to someone you don’t like. But remember this, i will always care for my friends, i care about all of them because they mean alot to me.

Have a nice little song to help raise your mood if you’ve come here in any kind of state of sadness or just a little upset…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKBw1lxS4zE You’ll discover you’ll just be drifting like the wind even if you didn’t realize it.
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cyberal-fox Jun 21 @ 7:24pm 
added to talk about some cool stuff :D
Experiment624 Jun 21 @ 1:59pm 
Hey White! Idk if you remember me anymore but it's Maria! Was wondering if I could add ya again? I got a laptop so I can game finally.
fishska May 30 @ 10:19pm 
happy bday mate
♛_Zylon_♛ May 27 @ 9:15am 
added for engie trial
WhiteLightningTwister Apr 26 @ 1:23pm 
Not interested mate.
Dogen Apr 14 @ 9:35am 
b e a c u s e