Flandre Scarlet - Gensokyo, Australia
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On every level except physical I am a Yamato class battleship. [Fires salvo]

Atuarre is a good friend of mine, but he doesn't like me because I make bad choices. ;-;

White, cisgendered trans-Imperial male. I was born in the wrong era. Preferred pronouncs are guard/guards/guardself. My triggers are thieves, Skooma and filty Khajit. Do not mention these around me or I WILL block you.

Why are you here, fuck off.
This is my profile and you are reading it, funny how that works huh?
Who doesn't like cute anime boats doing cute things with their cute boat parts?
Hello there, and welcome to my extremely fucked up profile which hasn't been reported and VAC banned by Steam moderators that can't take edgyness on the internet yet. I am an extremely lewd, disgusting, obscene, right-wing, narcissistic, fascist, sadomasochistic, borderline pedophile that shockingly masturbates to Japanese thirteen year old animated females wearing Nazi uniforms.
Eating children is nothing more than a novelty.

Good friends on steam:
Dragonego, IceHawk, FragBait, Heika Dashie/Sinman, SirChelmney, SneakyMeteor, Sven2Feather/Lonecause2, GGLucas, Thunder Charmer, Luceil Mechanica, Cowkiller, Caevus/Heilo119/SkyRealmSoldier, Army_of_Darkness, Calasmeer. HICKSEY000, Kronos115, NanoPizza, rhadamanthus, Wageofwar Method Crab needs to buy me 100% Orange Juice and thats it :V

Ханю Фуруде

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Adding for WNxGES group related stuff.
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No. Please don't trust bots, none of the groups use bots.
⚡Commander Shepard⚡ Feb 27, 2017 @ 5:28pm 
I had a bot add me for a raffle win called RedStoneRockhard is it real and can be trusted ? becuase my computer counted the code it sent me as malaware
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Intigracy Feb 24, 2017 @ 1:59pm 
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