Hekken |°•|
The Didney Worl Employee   British Columbia, Canada

Commonly know as:
Enemy Sniper,
Cool Kid Jones (ig: @cool_kid_jones),
The Didney Worl Employee
and variations of the sort.

Potato x2,
Wiring (copper),
Wiring (piano),
Duct tape,
and Bobby pins,
Can run Fallout 2 at 2 fps per second.
Shout-out to my homie Boba for providing me with the loot!

Proud and Honoured to serve in the A.L.T.F.
(Anti-Loli Task Force)

Propaganda (don't read this):

Anime is a psychological weapon used on the good western people so that Japan can take over the world. Just watch, as soon as Japan drops another suprise attack on us, those damn weeaboo's and otaku's are going to point their katanas's and kunai's at their own American people. They may not all be skilled or fearsome in combat, but they have the numbers.
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whyd you rejoin my css server like 5 times