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"If at first you don't succeed, fail 5 more times." -Random classmate in my tech class 2017
Also heres a pac3 list (not mine) https://github.com/BoNana25/Pac3-Outfits
This is a no-raffle group zone, i'm too tired to leave them on my own.

Binding of Isaac seeds (Afterbirth Required):
Boomerang on first floor: CH1V V2HZ (The Guardian challenge may be required)
Minecrafter to the left of spawn: BD1Z 968M
Quad Shot to the right of spawn: NKJP EXP8
Toxic Liquid on first floor: AO6N NWP1
Soy Milk to the right of spawn:
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Ch.5 Chair (Edited friend's pac)

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I AM RIGHT THAT MK IS OP:steamsalty:
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tis a scam
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