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Previous review: "I had to escort bunch of pigs to some pig temple. Best game ever!"

Now when I finished game, I just feel I have to write something more. Before I played this game, my favourite game had been Mass Effect (even so they ruined it with bad endings), because the story is so important to me. But now when I finished The Witcher 3, I can say, that it is THE BEST game I have ever played. I like The Witcher 1 and 2 too, but 3rd installment is just a gem.

The world is just enormous. I wanted to rush story so I fully explored only White Orchard and Novigrad/Velen regions. And for that, I needed 85 hours, with skipping some cutscenes. Double that time for doing side quests and treasure huntings and you will get the idea how rich this game is. My estimation is that it would take at least 200 hours to finish it without skipping cutscenes.
You are free to wander anywhere but that can get you killed lots of times. For example, when I was lvl 11 I went to get witcher gear in some cave and suddenly a giant tree who can teleport and summon bunch of wolves to help him appeared and killed me with one blow. I won't spoil the name and location of it.

Next thing I like is that whenever you play side quest, it feels like you play a main story. It's not just like "go kill that, bring me this" type of thing. You have to find out why something happened, to find a way to beat the monster if that is the case.

Also, I have never seen such a beatifull world in some game. Everything is so alive, forests full of animals running away from monsters, cities full of life during the day, dangerous during night.

Combat system is just perfect, though you may find some witcher signs mostly useless, it depends on your fighting style. Every enemy has a weakness that you need to exploit if you want to survive. P.S. Playing as Ciri is much more fun than playing as Geralt :D

The story will blow your mind, though I hope they will add DLC to clarify what exactly happened. It almost made me cry at the end.

All in all, I think this is the longest review I have written so far. It should be even longer, but I don't want to spoil anything because to really know how good this game is, you have to try it yourselves.
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