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I adore this game, arguably one of if not the best game in my Steam Library outside of Monster Hunter:World.

So, let's get into what the game does right, and then we'll mention a few places it falls short

-Enemy Variety: Compared to the first game where you had Rat Ogres, Slave rats, Clan Rats, Stormvermin, Assassins, Hookrats and Gas Rats, we now have all of those, PLUS An entire Variety of Chaos troops such as Marauders, Maulers, Chaos Knights, and 3 new bosses: The Stormfiend, a heavily Armoured Rat Ogre with Massive Flamethrowers tied to it's arms. The Bile Troll, a Troll mutated to the point where it spews a disgusting amount ofBile on the player, impeding movement, it regenerates HP when not hit for 3 seconds and can hit through block with most attacks, and The Chaos Spawn. A twisted Abomination that will not hesitate to pick you up, slam you across the ground Like Loki from the Avengers was, and then throw you away like worthless trash.
-Combat FEEL: Combat in this game feels absolutely superb, every crunch, slash, and stab feels like it has the correct amount of impact and meatiness, definitely a good game if you want Melee to feel like you're actually cracking skulls. Note, this is the FEEL, I will be touching on balance later.
-Level Variety: Now, generally speaking I prefer the first game's levels, but I will attest to the fact this game's actual variety of areas feels a lot wider than the original, instead of most levels taking place in the dark dingey areas of the city of Ubersreik, Vermintide 2 spends a lot more tim experimenting with themes, there's a Nergal infested swamp, An empire City, the Sewers and more! every map feels different from the others which allows for me to constantly repeat them in differing orders and still enjoy myself!
-Graphics: Game Looks beautiful as well, the dark Aesthetic mixed with the quality of the art assets they've put into this game ties together to create a game that fits around that meaty combat i mentioned earlier.
-Lastly, Character Variety: 5 playable characters each with 3 distinct careers that allow you to tailor them to your playstyle, each character for the most part has at least 1 melee focused Career, one Ranged Focused Career, and one "Bulky" or Tank based Career, each with their own unique talents for the most part.

Mixed Bag Items:
-Performance: This one is still being worked on, but the game still occasionally dips on my hardware during large hordes, I recommend a decently Beefy Setup to play this consistently, especially if you're hosting.
-Gameplay Balance: Right, let's get this straight, while it FEELs great to play, there's a lot of balance issues, this too is being worked on, but the basic gist is that the current Best way to play is to play a range focused spec and kill hordes before they reach you in melee, to minimize damage taken, Now with that said, Melee IS viable, just not as strong, so if you want to play it, play it!
-Sound Design: This was changed in the recent patch, but it still has a few lingering issues, sounds for specials are finnicky, as well as directional sounds and other things, this should all be fixed within a few months, hopefully

-Bugs: The game does have a lot of bugs, and i mean a LOT, actively being worked on but be weary that it will likely be a few months before the game is relatively bug free like V1 nowadays, if you want a good, non buggy game in the series to start with that only has the issue of a slightly dwindling population, I recommend Vermintide 1.
-Content release schedule. Originally content was supposed to hit in June, said content just released today as of this review, in August, months later. this should hopefully improve, but listing as a negative for now until proven otherwise.
-Connection issues: This game is P2P with Backend servers hosted by Fatshark. They said Dedicated servers will come soon, will update review when this happens, for now, expect spotty connectivity due to connecting to another player's game.

Wrapping up:
Overall I think Vermintide 2 is a worthy sequel to Vermintide 1, and what it gets right it really rocks, the issue therein is that it also makes many mistakes the first game does, I am hoping that they will be rectified within a few months, so check back later if you want to know what happens!

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