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Only keeping people who I talk to on my friends list.
Only accepting adds for trading or if its urgent. Comment below before doing so.
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The best way to talk to me is through trade offers.
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If you wish to talk to me you can do so via Discord : @Derpy McDerpton#9339

Here are some things you should know.

- Please comment why you added me. I will not accept your invite unless you do so. But I may accept if I've seen you somewhere

- I do not accept skins as payment. I will accept painted stuff, but will not count more for paints. The same goes for parts.

I have a couple of rules if you wanna keep me as a friend

- I'm always open to chat with you. It can be anything. I can keep a secret.

- If I'm in game and you message me, do be patient. I may take some time to reply.

- Please don't beg for items. I will block you instantly without notice. I worked hard to get what I have and have no intention of letting it go easily.

- I can be a middleman for trades. I can also broker an item for you. I'll charge a small amount depending on the item for brokering.

- I will also block you if you invite me to any unwanted/raffle/giveaway group.

The Hemlock Philosophy: Smile, fella. Even if the weight of the world is thrust upon your shoulders, smile like you've just received the best news in the world. Smile because you can handle it, smile because no matter how tough a task, you can bear the burden with pride. If the world were to end tomorrow, you should face it smiling. Never forget. The lights in the sky are stars! Positive is the only way to go. Believe in yourself in the knowledge that there is always someone who believes in you. If the rest of the world says you can't do it, even if you know them to be right, you have to strive for something. Someone will always believe in you, and someone is always fighting for you. As long as you believe that, you are never alone.

yuki: i only play it to kill things if im being honest

yuki: im not that gay
Derpy McDerpton: that is smoke
yuki: yes
yuki: he's at the end of the gay spectrum
Derpy McDerpton: DED
Derpy McDerpton: OMG

I'm also a Moderator of a few 24x7 Vanilla Team Fortress 2 servers based in India. Come join us!
Payload Only : steam://connect/
Pug Sever : steam://connect/
MGE Training : steam://connect/
Jump Mania : steam://connect/
Fun Server(Multiple Gamemodes)l : steam://connect/
King of The Hill : steam://connect/

We also have a group! Click here to join.
Click here [] to join our Discord Channel

Cheers and Happy Fragging!

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hey , can you take a look on my offer ?
John 13 hours ago 
respond to my offer pls!
Anonymous._. May 22 @ 2:44pm 
send you a frend request because i want to buy that starduster
BobsfrickGamer May 22 @ 12:31pm 
Hey respond offer for man of the sens
☣Gask≬Task☣ May 22 @ 9:09am 
Send you a trade offer
[SS] Gremlin May 22 @ 8:46am 
Hello! Send you a trade offer!