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Not for sale, just an extended showcase. :)
If you want to see what I'm buying/selling, take a look at my listings on using the link below.
I am being impersonated. Please make sure you're trading with the right person:
- Currently level 31 on Steam
- 90+ games in my library
- 3k+ hours on TF2
- My inventory will never be private
- Community Moderator for's Discord and Forums
- I have only one other alt account, which is a trade bot. Link is here.
- I will never add you from 'Discussion Accounts', so if you've added me and commented below and if you get an invite from someone with my name, that is NOT me. Please be patient when sending an invite.

I am NOT RESPONSIBLE if you lose your items to said impersonator. It is your duty to check if you're trading with the right person.

Profile picture artwork done by Cloaker. Thank you!

Looking to get your items brokered? Got anything that is hard or not selling? Don't worry, Derpy's got your back!
- I will charge a small amount for brokering, depends on the item, though.
- trust []

Click here to send me an offer. profile []
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TF2 Outpost profile. [] Rest in peace.

If you wish to talk to me you can do so via Discord : @Derpy.#9339

Here are some things you should know.

- Please comment why you added me. I will not accept your invite unless you do so. But I may accept if I've seen you somewhere

- If I'm in game and you message me, do be patient. I may take some time to reply.

- If you've sent a trade offer and I'm offline, do be patient. I'm probably asleep/studying/busy with something else, but I'll accept/counter/decline as soon as I can.

- Please don't beg for items. I will block you instantly without notice. I worked hard to get what I have and have no intention of letting it go easily.

- I can be a middleman for trades.

- Trades once done are final and will not be reverted unless there's something really wrong.

The Hemlock Philosophy: Smile, fella. Even if the weight of the world is thrust upon your shoulders, smile like you've just received the best news in the world. Smile because you can handle it, smile because no matter how tough a task, you can bear the burden with pride. If the world were to end tomorrow, you should face it smiling. Never forget. The lights in the sky are stars! Positive is the only way to go. Believe in yourself in the knowledge that there is always someone who believes in you. If the rest of the world says you can't do it, even if you know them to be right, you have to strive for something. Someone will always believe in you, and someone is always fighting for you. As long as you believe that, you are never alone.

yuki: i only play it to kill things if im being honest

yuki: im not that gay
Derpy McDerpton: that is smoke
yuki: yes
yuki: he's at the end of the gay spectrum
Derpy McDerpton: DED
Derpy McDerpton: OMG

I'm also a Moderator of a few 24x7 Vanilla Team Fortress 2 servers based in India. Come join us!
Payload : steam:/connect/
Pug Sever : steam:/connect/
Jump Server : steam:/connect/

We also have a group! Click here to join.
Click here [] to join our Discord Channel

I get a few profile comments in a week, but this one has to take the cake:

Cheers and Happy Fragging!

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