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Fausti   Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hi welcome to my profile I hope are having the best day!:steamhappy:

You can follow me in reddit : u/Paw!
:steammocking:Welcome to my profile:steammocking:

About me :

Favorite classes : scout ,soldier ,demoman ,heavy and spy

Favorite CTF map : no one

Favorite koth map : Suijin

Favorite pl : gold rush

Favorite cp : gorge

Favorite A&D : mercenary park

Favorite plr : hightower

Favorite misc : medieval

Favorite mannpower : gorge

Favorite PASS : District

Favorite community gamemodes : sandbox and randomizer x10

Favorite miscs : death of night,brotherhood of arms,rotation sentation,graybans and the brusier bandada

Favorite guns : woodsy windowmaker FN scattergun,strange killstreak loch and load and backwoods boomstick mk.II stickybomb launcher FT


Comenta antes de añadirme/ comment before adding me

hola a todos juego desde 2014 pero me cree otra cuenta:steammocking: mi juego favorito es Team Fortress 2 me encanta mi clase favorita son todas pero la que me apasiona es el spy soy P2P bueno espero que lo disfruten y que tenga un buen dia/noche/,tarde/madrugada

ENGLISH:hello everyone I a 2014 player but I changed the acount:steammocking: my favorite game is Team Fortress 2 I love my favorite class are all but the one I love is the spy I am P2P and I well I hope you enjoy it and have a good day / night /, late / early morning :D

Lavense las manos con frecuncia ( - ) Wash Your Hands Frecuently ;)
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I cant wait for Scream Fortress 2
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