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Dan   North Somerset, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Need Lua done? DM me on Discord - Derpes#3114

Head Developer / CCD @ Genesis Servers [genesisservers.co.uk]
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General Information
PC Specifications & Peripherals
PSU: Corsair CX750M
CPU + Cooler: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X + AMD Wraith Prism RGB CPU Cooler
GPU: AORUS GTX 1080Ti XTreme Edition 11GB
SSD 1: Sabrent 1TB S.2 NVMe SSD
SSD 2: DREVO 120GB 2.5inch SSD
RAM: Corsair Vengance 2x8GB DDR4 3000MHz
Motherboard: AORUS B450 Elite AM4 ATX
Case: NZXT S340 Elite Mid Tower (2xFans+1xFan extra)
Lighting: NZXT Hue+ RGB LED Controller
Adapters: USB 3.0x5 Adapter
Mouse: Logitech G Pro Mouse Wireless
Keyboard: Logitech G Pro Keyboard
Headphones: Logitech G Pro X
Mic: Logitech G Pro X
Mousemat: OverclockersUK Giant Mouse Mat
Monitors: 1) AOC G2460PF 24" 144Hz 2) Gigabyte G27FC 27" 1080p Curved

Coding / Lua Hire
I freelance code Lua and can complete almost any task you throw at me, the chances of me completing a complex task purely depends on the time I have available. If you have something that you need coded, let me know and the more detailed and logical your brief is, the easier it will be for me to get started. If you're contacting me for a commision, please comment on my profile first to avoid any confusion of clients and timing; thanks! :)

Where did you get your VAC ban from?
I got this from RUST 7 years back, was on alpha stage and I decided to download a cheat because ♥♥♥♥ it why not I was 14.

"Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn."
- Stephen Hawking
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Some of the content in some of these packs are rightful owners of Hetman Lerman of WiltOS.
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Created by - [GS] Stoniest Stone
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Lord тσму #dennis Nov 30, 2020 @ 3:57pm 
this man stole my maroon 5 cd.
purifier of RANKS Nov 12, 2020 @ 5:24pm 
you have been PURIFIED
ZakB Oct 31, 2020 @ 1:56pm 
nice vac ban ;)
ZakB Oct 25, 2020 @ 4:16pm 
onxyia_ May 14, 2020 @ 11:15am 
Added to discuss possible lua work.
Lord тσму #dennis Apr 3, 2020 @ 11:02am 
jesus :cozypoechris: