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Thanks GabeN, very cool!
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Are you experiencing bug that causes your game to essentially break after each combat sequence? Is you character not responding to movement controls? Are you playing on higher refresh monitor (120Hz+)? Then I might have a fix for you.
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New "Hyper Beast" themed skin. As you can see the artwork is different from the other 2 skins. This one is made specially for this skin. There is alot of work behind it. We would really appreciate if you rate "yes" and "favorite". Thanks in advance. Enjoy.
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Situação — Aceitos para o jogo, Criado por — lolxD e Baddrock
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Wadu_Shit is back boi 7 de jun às 22:12 
can u donate me ur m9 knife for my m9 please i lost my money in ambling please help please
v7s💎 2 de jun às 2:27 
Added regarding fade gloves
Fatmetal 1 de jun às 18:13 
about the fade gloves
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Fox Sin #Retired 27 de mai às 2:18 
Added for fade, can offer 2800$
DwayneI s> katos 9 de mai às 8:42 
added over glvoes