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Have a Wife.
Unlocked Mar 3 @ 2:04pm


Have an Heir.
Unlocked Mar 6 @ 5:44am


Finish the main quest.
Unlocked Mar 29 @ 12:16pm

Village Manager

Have at least 50 inhabitants.
Unlocked Apr 9 @ 12:47pm

I will pay next month, I swear

Have a tax debt of at least 5000 coins.
Unlocked Apr 17 @ 11:28am

Must have been the wind

Sell 50 of the stolen goods during one dynasty.
Unlocked Mar 13 @ 8:42am

It wasn't me!

Get caught stealing for the first time.
Unlocked Feb 13 @ 1:30pm

A new home

Build your first house.
Unlocked Feb 6 @ 6:52am

Hunting Royale

Kill every type of wild animal during one dynasty.
Unlocked Feb 27 @ 7:33am

I... am not... drunk

Be drunk (100%).
Unlocked Mar 6 @ 4:11am

I wasn't even looking

Hit the archery target and get 100 or more points.
Unlocked Apr 19 @ 1:31pm


Visit every village during one dynasty.
Unlocked Mar 27 @ 6:42am

My Stumps

Remove 100 stumps.
Unlocked Feb 28 @ 12:05pm


Reach Hermitage development level.
Unlocked Feb 6 @ 6:35am


Reach Camp development level.
Unlocked Feb 6 @ 7:11am

Small Farm

Reach Small Farm development level.
Unlocked Feb 13 @ 5:57am


Reach Farm development level.
Unlocked Feb 20 @ 3:24am


Reach Hamlet development level.
Unlocked Feb 27 @ 4:42am


Reach Settlement development level.
Unlocked Apr 6 @ 11:13am


Reach Village development level.
Unlocked Apr 7 @ 1:46pm


Reach Town development level.
Unlocked Apr 10 @ 6:13am


Reach City development level.
Unlocked Apr 13 @ 12:52pm

Master of Farming

Get level 10 in Farming.
Unlocked Apr 11 @ 11:04am

Master of Survival

Get level 10 in Survival.
Unlocked Apr 5 @ 1:33pm

Master of Production

Get level 10 in Production.
Unlocked Apr 8 @ 12:22pm

Look at my mount

Get a mount.
Unlocked Apr 4 @ 12:33pm

Dirty Henry

Be 100% dirty.
Unlocked Mar 30 @ 11:45am

Let's break a stick!

Get your first inhabitant.
Unlocked Feb 6 @ 8:11am

Well earned rest

Sleep in your bed every night for the entire year.
Unlocked Feb 13 @ 1:21pm

Oopsie daisy

Unlocked Feb 6 @ 8:26am

The Dynasty Continues

Play as an Heir.

Show me the money!

Have 1000000 Coins.

A helping hand

Complete 100 side quests.
70 / 100

I may not be good at it after all...

Get caught stealing 50 times during one dynasty.
42 / 50


Survive winter with no clothes on.


Have mine built on every cave on the map.

Master of Extraction

Get level 10 in Extraction.

Master of Hunting

Get level 10 in Hunting.

Master of Diplomacy

Get level 10 in Diplomacy.

I wonder how many I can fit...

Get 12 status effects at once.

Harvestin' season

Harvest a field bigger than 6x6.


Impale an animal with 4 spears while it's still alive.

Happy wife, happy life

Give your wife gifts for 2 following years.

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