Florentb18 (Syl)
Florent   France
Picture i found. I will take it off if i am asked.
Apparently this is my personality https://www.16personalities.com/infj-personality Advocate Personality
All i can say.. This world is Cruel,but when you have your family. It's beautiful.

Friends who really cares about me :
Solar Hearstrings,Dashie and Chris ^^
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Info about Me
Hi my name is Florent nothing to see here.. Honest sugarcube!

I've got 4 rules before adding you:
1-Be at least Level 1
2-Don't have a Private Account
3-Be a good guy and don't hate the Bronies
4-Don't be an Asshole

Some Advices
Always Help your Friends,Never leave them if you are true friends,Cheer up and Be Happy and you will know true Friendship. -Florent
Never lie to your friends,Never leave your friends in a depression or worse. Always say the Truth that leads to a Sincere Friendship. -Florent
The Friend of My Friend Became my Enemy and my Friend the worst Friend that I knew. -Florent
Never Give Up and you will see that your efforts were not in vain. -Florent

~About My Oc's^^ and my irl self.~
Irl self first because why not x3
Likes:Friendship,Friends!,I am a really kind and caring friend.
About OC's Now <3
Name: Mike.,
Cutie Mark: None! ;c
Likes: HUGs!,Kisses,Cookies
Gender: Stallion...Pegasus...
Relationship: No one...
Cutie Mark:A bit hard to describe
Gender: Mare...Alicorn...
Relationship:No one...
Kate is Mike transformed into a mare/girl
Cutie Mark:Lightning bolt and stars
Likes:Solly!,[REDACTED],other things..
Gender:Mare...Earth (Normal)
Relationship:Not anymore...

-Online : Bored, want to play or to talk.
-Away : Doing something and will be back after a short period.
-Busy : Looking some videos or doing other things.
-Offline : Sleeping or with Family what did you except?
-On Phone : Can talk for a bit but might fall asleep cousin

My dA (Deviant Art) : littlepipcourageous.deviantart.com (Old account)
My Official dA : https://vinylthewubmaster.deviantart.com

My Favorite Music is, Fallout 3 Theme

Hey Florent! Do you RP?
I Do RP and ERP just ask me if you want to do some.
And i am not addicted to ERP. Who knows? o3o

My Best Friends List, i <3 Them all!:
♥Pinkeh♥ : The Super Duper Ultra Goofy Best Friend that always Cheers me up!
>G-PB> Lord Davy : One of the Best Guy who helped me sometimes and draws really good.
Aviateur : Well you don't know him but i know him for almost 3 years it's good to see you back.
SourceThunderLight © : Super nice and really nice to play with. ^^ Though i get strucked by thunders x3
Foxy The Time Lord : You're very special to me in a way. For the support you give me. I appreciate it a lot.
Unshaken : I... can't find a description.. because.. this is the person i care about... really heavily.. i'll always help you. No matter what.
Solar Heartstrings : Cuz i love chu. ;3 in the friend way ;D

That's it for now,hope i can get more!

That's it for now,I'll add more about me when i will find what to had. This Bio Made By STL © <3
This is what i feel everyday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkKSF90vPgM This is my only meaning for my life... Being lonely.

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Artwork Showcase
Me in my suit,ready to battle cops and grab money <3
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Veridis Aug 20 @ 7:47pm 
im just gonna..... *boops you* :jaction:
Your profile pic suits you 110%. Because you're incredibly adorable :lovecube:
Scout Jul 22 @ 7:39am 
10/10 good friend, 0/10 depresssion
(59th) SpeederBlaze Jun 30 @ 4:15pm 
Florentb18 (Syl) Jun 30 @ 2:48pm 
Scout Jun 30 @ 2:48pm 
Chiaki is bae material