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Posted: May 7, 2020 @ 1:10am
Product received for free

I got this game during the Steam giveaway during the coronavirus lockdown. I've never played a Total War game before, so this is my first and only experience with the franchise thus far.

At the time of writing this, my playtime is at 48.5 hours. I played a few short tutorial battles, of which I won 2 and lost on the 3rd. I also played maybe as many as 10 turns in a single-player campaign, and then I played one co-op campaign through to completion (we won). That's my entire experience with the game.

The TL;DR version is that I enjoyed my time with the game, but I think I'm probably done with it. I liked it, but I didn't love it. And it takes so long to play that I think I'd rather spend that time with other games.

The RTS segments of the game (the battles) have really awful camera controls. And unit management during battles leaves me wanting. And there were a few relatively minor bugs during multiplayer that made it harder to play. Bugs such as my co-op partner getting attacked, but the game would sometimes ask me if I wanted to fight or run, etc., before asking my co-op partner what he wanted to do. Or if one of us gave temporary control of some of our units to the other player during battles, and then we both tried to assign the units under our control to groups, we'd somehow end up controlling the other person's units along with our own. Which meant that only one of us could group our units and the other had to just mouse select them individually. Unit management was already troublesome enough, but this bug made it even more difficult to manage large armies in the heat of the battle.

There were a lot of little things like that in the game that detracted from the experience. I felt it had the potential to be a lot more enjoyable if the controls were better and the bugs weren't there to make things worse. But as I said, I still enjoyed my time with it.

If the game was only the RTS segments, it would be pretty lackluster, in my opinion. But the strategy/map part of the game seems fairly deep. I felt like it wasn't until relatively shortly before the end of the campaign that I was just starting to understand various aspects of the game and coming up with new strategies I'd have liked to try out... if only it didn't take so long to progress through the game.

Admittedly, now that I'm more familiar with the game and how it works, I'd probably go through the turns faster than I did when I first started. So who knows, maybe I'll try doing a single-player campaign some day. But as of right now I think it's likely I'll just move on.
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