Demo Shinozaki   Virginia, United States
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"Those who actually succeed in life, they just happen to be born with a magic ticket called talent."
—Tohru Adachi
My favorite snack is obviously not fucking tomatoes.
Seriously..Kys. It's pocky.
Favorite "Eevee"lution = ❄️Glaceon *Ice Ice Baby❄️!*
Favorite Touhou: Cirno⑨
Favorite DB/DBS Character: Zamasu
Sup! Name's Demo Shinozaki
You can call me Demo for short. I'm a big dork and nerd when it comes to gaming and anime. (More on the Gaming side) I'm a pretty cool person I would think so myself. I'm not a good drawer, but I do like to draw alot! I also like to write stories and computers are my hobbies. I would consider myself a hikikomori and will only leave house for food or college. Anything else, you'd catch me in my room on my game 24/7. I hope we get to become great friends to whoever is reading this. I would like to know more about you to as well!
Real Info!
19 Years old™🔥🔥
B-Day! April 30th
Yes, I'm taken. 💜05/06/15💜
Games I play
Goldeneye Source
Zandronum (DoomSeeker)
Ps4: DemonicSnivy (Online ID)
Currently Online
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❄Demo❄ May 5 @ 6:56pm 
く__,.ヘヽ. \   ./ ,ー、 〉
     \ ', !-─‐-i / /´
      /`ー'    L//ヽ、
     /  /,  /|  ,  ,   ',
   イ  / /-‐/ i L_ ハ ヽ! i .
    レ ヘ 7イ`ト  レ'ァ-ト、!ハ|  |
     !,/7 '0'   ´0iソ|   |   
     |.从"  _   ,,,, / |./ |
     レ'| i>.、,,__ _,.イ /  .i |
      レ'| | / k_7_/レ'ヽ, ハ. |
       | |/i 〈|/  i ,.ヘ | i |
      .|/ / i:   ヘ! \  |
        kヽ>、ハ   _,.ヘ、   /、!
       !'〈//`T´', \ `'7'ーr'
         ト-,/ |___./
         'ー'  !_,.: