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Welcome To My Profile!
Hey Guys! Deluxe here.
Things about me: a csgo player , played for alot of teams as Main AWPer , Rank : Global Elite :D. Click View more info to read my setup and more...

Mouse: Zowie EC2-A
Keyboard: Razer Ornata Chrome.
Monitor: Asus* XG258Q ROG strix 24.5 inch 240hz. <- New*
Pad: Qck+ Heavy
HeadPhones: HyperX Cloud 2 *NEW*
Mouse Bungee: Razer Bungee V1

Now lets get into the PC itself:
Core/CPU: I5 7500.
GPU: GTX 1050 TI.
Case: SPEC-01
Power Post: 550W
Bonus: 3 air coolers *arctic* doing gr8 job at cooling everything inside the computer and i added a Cleaning net that way when i want to clean my computer i just bring a brush and gets over it few seconds and Wallah cleaned.

Res: 1024x768 Streched *240 hz 24.5 inch monitor as mentiond*.
Textures: all low exept Shadows and Effects.
DPI: 400
Sensivity: 1.7 *NEW*
Zoom Sensivity: 1
Crosshair: Mentiond Down.
Hud Size:0.92

Special Binds:
F5: Buy HE , Incendiary/Molotov , Flashbang , Smoke
F6: Buy AWP , P250 , Kevler+Helmet , Nades^^ and Defuser.
Mouse Wheel: +Jump
F7: Buy AK-47 / M4A1-S + P250 + Defuser + Armor Helmet + Nades (Flash , HE , Molotov / Incend , Smoke)
T: Change To Bomb Slot , Drop Bomb , Back to the weapon i was holding :D

How To Put Those Binds?:
bind f5 "buy flashbang; buy smokegrenade; buy hegrenade; buy incgrenade;buy molotov"

Bind F6 " buy awp; buy p250; buy vesthelm; buy defuser; buy molotov; buy incgrenade; buy flashbang; buy hegrenade; buy smokegrenade;"

bind "F7" "buy m4a1; buy ak47; buy p250; buy vesthelm; buy vest; buy defuser; buy incgrenade; buy molotov; buy flashbang; buy hegrenade; buy smokegrenade;"

Bind T "use weapon_c4;drop"
Bind MWheelUp +jump
Bind MWheelDown +jump

Thats my gaming PC and setup Etc...
So , what do you guys thinks about my software and setup and tell me if anything can be upgraded :D

My CSGO Crosshair:
cl_crosshairstyle 4
cl_crosshairsize 2
cl_crosshairthickness 1.5
cl_crosshairgap -3
cl_crosshair_drawoutline 0
cl_crosshair_outlinethickness 0.5
cl_crosshairdot 0
cl_crosshair_t 0
cl_crosshaircolor 5
cl_crosshaircolor_r 255
cl_crosshaircolor_g 0
cl_crosshaircolor_b 0
cl_crosshairalpha 200

See ya guys later ,
-Deluxe :)
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Secret_Milk Mar 20 @ 9:10am 
Very racist
👃👹👾 What is the scariest movie you’ve ever seen? 🐊🥒👔
ToMeR™ Mar 17 @ 1:12pm 
היי זה אני מהוייגמס מהשאלה ששאלתי לגבי הפקודות ב cs go ובהגדרות של האיכות תאשר אותי
razza Feb 21 @ 10:18am 
Very nice player <3:lunar2019smilingpig:
-> Deluxe <- Feb 7 @ 11:15am 
:) <3 ILY No Homo :) :) :) Missed ya