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Hi and thanks for stopping by~
Feel free to add me for whatever *Ehem!* any logical reason/s you deem fit.

I rarely initiate a conversation but once I get talking, I may be non-stop. :steamhappy:
Anyways, fellow otaku's stumbled on this humble profile... *cheers!*

Minor Details

Public Name: Danielle
Online Name: Moe~Moe~kyun! or Deltamoe
Age: (damn... I'm too old to be told :D)
Email: ( pls. no spam :steamfacepalm: )
My Youtube (currently Hiatus): Click Here~
Facebook (Rarely Online): Click Here~
Hobbies: Watching Anime, Reading Assorted Novels and also, Playing Games.

(∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。゚,
✪Anime: I mainly watch most anime of various category (well.. except Yaoi :D)•
Being said that, (here are on my opinion) is the worth watching out there.
:Hackingart: • Saki (Some Mahjong Action.. lel...) :Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart:
:Hackingart: • Aldnoah Zero (Gundam with OP Pilot... nuff said?)  :Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart:
:Hackingart: • Dog Days (Animal Ears Paradise.. *dies*) :Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart:
:Hackingart: • Akagami no Shirayukihime (I rarely watch romance.. but this is an exception)    :Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart:
:Hackingart: • Sword Art Online ( Season 3... PLS! )  :Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart:
:Hackingart: • Clannad ( First Anime that made me sad... maybe cry? *don't want to admit!)    :Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart:
:Hackingart: • Little Busters! (Like Clannad... But Kud made it a thousand times better.) :Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart:
:Hackingart: • Allison to Lillia ( A hidden gem out there just waiting for people to watch)  :Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart:
:Hackingart: • Shakugan no Shana ( Shana-tan! ... but that ending though...  ) :Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart:
:Hackingart: • Shoukogeki no Souma ( Sexiest Food Reactions.. MUST WATCH!)     :Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart::Hackingart:
Seriously... I can mention a lot more but those are the anime that left a large chunk of memories that I can recall till now. No anime is best and worst, it depends on our taste... But Anime with Loli's are a huge "+" point to me... XD
✪Novel: Nah.. Just play visual Novels... Those are Good stuffs. :D
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Astolfo <3 [CSGOFAST.COM] Mar 31 @ 5:41am 
Haha! Stop crying :steamhappy: what you are currently doing just show that you really got your ass kicked by me so hard :steammocking:

P.S. Get Good at CS:GO and please, stop crying. Also, don't spam my steam account. Thanks :steamhappy:
Staticx Mar 31 @ 5:10am 
plz delete cs:go motherfucker
Staticx Mar 31 @ 5:09am 
fackings nooooob
Staticx Mar 31 @ 5:09am 
Astolfo <3 [CSGOFAST.COM] Mar 31 @ 4:07am 
Lol. Thanks for the AUG compliment :D.
Also, isn't being a noob contradictory to what you had just said.. Hmmm :steamfacepalm:
Staticx Mar 31 @ 3:30am 
facking noobs