Delphren Phox
Noah   Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
I'm a cute cuddly little phox who likes to play and have fun
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-Ryzen 1600 OC 3.2GHz
-gtx 750ti
-16GB DDR4
-500GB Samsung Evo 850 SSD
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i wanted to make the city i lived in into a map, so i created this, there is no boat route to mimic the real city and the plane routes mimic what i see daily, so have fun building a city, if you want me to add boat routes i will if this gets a comment requ
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Created by - Delphren Phox
About Me
Name : Delphren Phox (prefers Phox)
Species : Delphox
Gender : Male
Age : 14
Height : 5'8
Physical Build : fit, thin
Personality: friendly, caring, lewd
Sexuality : Straight (dominant)
Relationship : Available
Family: Has a fiance;Dellie. children ;Phen.
Likes / preferences : Cuddling , Playing, Roleplay
Dislikes :, bronies/mlp, anime
Hesitant with: vore, inflation and gay instances

Preferences for mates : Delphoxes , Braixens, someone who won’t leave me afterwards

Weaknesses: Water, Ground, Rock, Darkness, Ghost
Resistance: Fighting, Steel, Fire, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Fairy
Prefered moveset:Psychic, Psyshock , Flamethrower, Fire blast
Favorite foods : Popcorn, Pancakes, poffins , pokepuffs

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