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If you're looking for a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end, it isn't here. Instead, it's a hearty chunk of middle with allusions to a beginning and suggestions that it might end. It's definitely an experience game, and if you go in expecting anything else, you'll be disappointed. The thing is, it's a damn' fine experience game.

The primary complaint about Knock-Knock is that there isn't enough explanation as to what's going on. Personally, I found that to be the most interesting part of the experience. The game plays like a simulator of severe OCD, with the Lodger slavishly serving rules that make sense only to his magical thinking to keep monsters at bay. Rather than lay down absolutes on whether there's something supernatural going on or if the Lodger's paranoid delusions are worsening, the waters are further muddied by each revelation we get. By playing strange games, has the Lodger invoked dark spirits, or has he simply convinced himself they're there? Are the abstract and frightening "reality fragments" the true shape of a changed world, or a chemical stew eating away at the Lodger's brain? Are the diary pages a revelation of past events, or a story the Lodger wrote and forgot about? We're never 100% sure, and to me, that's true fear--the constant questioning of reality with no answer to be found, and how easily our perception can be warped into believing our own nightmares.

Knock-Knock is short, it's true, but I've never found that to be a bad thing in a game. Games used to be long because they were routinely $60 and people wanted to feel like that investment was well-spent, and they were often falsely extended with difficulty or bloated with filler because of it. Indie gaming has allowed for a full experience in a few hours for less money, and with less time to play as an adult than as a kid, I'm over the moon about that. If that IS a moon up there...

tl;dr: If you go in expecting a grand mystery to explore every detail of, you'll be disappointed. If you go in expecting to explore the claustrophobic paranoia of one man and his skewed perceptions, and maybe to question your own reality, you're in for a good time.

ONE CAVEAT: The other primary complaint about Knock-Knock is that it's next to impossible to get an actual ending on the first time through without a guide, and this is completely valid. You'll most likely end up with an abridged "Game Over" and the "Continue" option doesn't put you back far enough to fix it. Ice Pick Lodge, for the love of God, PLEASE put a checkpoint in before the last levels. This is a fixable design flaw! Until it is fixed, though, know that if you see the bright crack at the top of the screen in the last levels run out, it's time to exit the game and restart--if it runs out and you finish, you won't get a real ending. As much as the endings aren't the point, it's a pain in the ass, so keep an eye on that bar.
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