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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Jul 5, 2016 @ 9:25am

Surviving The Fall

Complete Chapter 1
Unlocked Jul 5, 2016 @ 8:10am

Apprentice Crafter

Crafted 10 Human techs

I won, I won

Win 1 rated battle

Veni Vidi Vici

Win 5 rated battle

The Unstoppable

Win 20 rated battle

The Champion

Win 50 rated battle

The One Percent

Win 100 rated battle

Veni Vidi Deliqui

Lose 5 battles

Knights Squire

Fought 5 rated battles as Men

Forest Ranger

Fought 5 rated battles as Elves

Beast Rider

Fought 5 rated battles as Orcs

Lord Commander

Win 10 rated battle as Men

Grand Master

Win 10 rated battle as Elves

Fierce Warlord

Win 10 rated battle as Orcs

The Escape Goat

Complete Chapter 2

Hunger, Dragons, Elves

Complete Chapter 3

Full Circle

Complete Chapter 4

All is Revealed

Complete Chapter 5


Crafted at least 1 card

Dealer's Choice

Crafted 10 Cards

Jokers Wild

Crafted 25 Cards


Crafted 50 Cards

Full House

Crafted 100 Cards

Practice Dummy

Played 1 unrated games

Practice makes it perfect

Played 10 unrated games

Going Solo

Played 1 singleplayer game

Solo Endeavour

Played 10 singleplayer games

Archmage's Apprentice

Crafted 10 Elven techs

Shaman's Apprentice

Crafted 10 Orcish techs

Crafting is Power

Crafted 20 Human techs

Ancient Knowledge

Crafted 20 Elven techs

Orc Learn Good

Crafted 20 Orcish techs

Master Crafter

Craft all available Human techs

Archmage Crafter

Craft all available Elven techs

Shaman Crafter

Craft all available Orcish techs


Survive 3 waves of Zombies by yourself

Survivalist plus One

Survive 5 waves of Zombies with a friend

Zombie Slayer

Survive 10 waves of Zombies by yourself

Zombie Grinder Bros

Survive 10 of Zombies waves with a friend

The Sole Survivor

Survive 25 of Zombies waves by yourself

CoOp Survivor

Survive 15 of Zombies waves with a friend

Guild Member

Join an in-game Guild

Guild Officer

Attain the rank of Officer in a Guild

Guild Master

Lead an in-game Guild

One of Many

Belong to a Guild with 20 or more members

Trade Buyer

Accept a trade offer made by another player

Trade Seller

Have a trade offer accepted by another player

Trade Negotiator

Complete 10 trades

Trade Master

Complete 50 trades

Battle Host

Fight a custom battle that you hosted

Host with the Most

Fight 10 custom battles that you hosted

Battle is Joined

Join a hosted custom battle

Expert Joinery

Join 10 hosted custom battles

Treasure Hunter

Loot a treasure chest in Campaign mode

Dragon Slayer

NLoot a treasure chest in battle

Battle Fodder

lose a battle with 200 deaths or less

Battle Master

win a battle with 200 deaths or less