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:zvezdochka:Please don't forget i am not a bot i wont always answer immediately
:zvezdochka:The trade will be made instantly NO trade delay NO negociation either
:zvezdochka:You can ask for a specific game maybe i can provide it to you for reasonable price (paypal only)
:zvezdochka:100% secure no scam ask for people who have often trade with me in comment

IMPORTANT: not every keys are for steam it can be uplay, origin, battlenet, Xbox live, PSN, read everything. Also it's 1 game per exchange not the full list

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10 items or 200 gems
:HorusVII:1 Random indie game

40 items or 2000 gems
:HorusVII:Dirt 3
:HorusVII:Witcher 2
:HorusVII:Killing floor
:HorusVII:Fear 2
:HorusVII:Victor vran
:HorusVII:Amnesia the dark descent
:HorusVII:Amnesia machine for pig
:HorusVII:Layer of fear

70 items or 3500 gems or 1 csgo key
:HorusVII:Outlast + whistleblower DLC
:HorusVII:Magicka 2
:HorusVII:Fallout 1
:HorusVII:Fallout 2
:HorusVII:Fallout 3
:HorusVII:Saint row 2

140 items or 6600 gems or 2 csgo keys
:HorusVII:Five night at freddy 1
:HorusVII:Five night at freddy 2
:HorusVII:GTA vice city
:HorusVII:Lucius 2
:HorusVII:Saint row 4 special edition
:HorusVII:Fear 3
:HorusVII:Lego hp 1-4
:HorusVII:Lego hp 5-7
:HorusVII:Primal carnage
:HorusVII:Primal carnage extinction
:HorusVII:Dead rising off the record
:HorusVII:Doom 3 BFG
:HorusVII:Batman arkham city GOTY

200 items or 10 000 gems 3 or csgo keys or 6 euro paypal
:HorusVII:Lego batman
:HorusVII:Lego lord of the rings
:HorusVII:Mortal kombat X
:HorusVII:Mortal kombat kompe
:HorusVII:GTA san andreas
:HorusVII:Fallout new vegas
:HorusVII:Outlast 2
:HorusVII:Saint row the third
:HorusVII:DmC devil may cry
:HorusVII:Dead rising
:HorusVII:Dead rising 2
:HorusVII:Batman arkham origin
:HorusVII:Assassin creed......:CunningPepe:UPLAY
:HorusVII:Assassin creed 3...:CunningPepe:UPLAY
:HorusVII:Assassin creed 5...:CunningPepe:XBOX LIVE
:HorusVII:Resident evil 0 HD remaster
:HorusVII:Resident evil 4

270 items or 13 200 gems or 4 csgo keys or 8 euro paypal
:HorusVII:Dead rising 3
:HorusVII:Killing floor 2
:HorusVII:Borderland GOTY
:HorusVII:Borderland 2
:HorusVII:Batman arkham night
:HorusVII:Resident evil HD remaster

350 items or 16 500 gems or 5 csgo keys or 10 euro paypal
:HorusVII:Borderland pre-sequel
:HorusVII:Borderland 2 season pass
:HorusVII:Resident evil
:HorusVII:Resident evil 5
:HorusVII:Resident evil 6
:HorusVII:Resident evil 4 HD edition


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Give me anything i take everything, in exchange i give you all my double cards, wallpaper, icons whatever, i can also trade 1 STEAM CD Keys for 10 items, most of my keys will be indies games.
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