North Carolina, United States

What I do:

- Moderate SWRP Developers (A Discord Server, I'm also a Senior Developer)

[Garry’s Mod]
- Used to port Call of Duty weapons
- Used to convert weapons from X Gun Base to TFA’s Base
- Convert X Rigs to ValveBiped (C_Hand Rig)
- Code in Lua (A bit)

[Real Life]
- Working a Part-Time job
- Code in C# and Java (Sometimes)

NOTE: I will not do any requests, suggestions, or commissions.

This Gray Wolf on my profile picture is the one I will always love, forever <3
You'll always be mine, Gray Wolf ^-^
About me
A 19 year old dude who's a caring, nice, does things, and respects those who deserve it
Workshop Showcase
This collection is the official collection of all the Garry's Mod items I published to the workshop. That way you can get all the nice stuff without a hassle. Thank you all for the support and appreciation you gave me ( :p )

[h1] The guns I have s
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DefyTheRush 6 hours ago 
I hold requests for a while from those I am not familiar with from the getgo, but I added you anyways
Niko 8 hours ago 
I'm still waiting you to accept my friend request.
If you doN't want to be friends,then you can decline it
DefyTheRush Jul 13 @ 7:40pm 
lol, warning taken
sir Jul 13 @ 4:25pm 
No anime violation
Reason for violation - General weebery or other
Fine amount - Just a warning
Court date - N/A
Message - lol
Soviet_SkirmisH Jul 13 @ 5:49am 
DefyTheRush Jul 12 @ 6:56pm