DemoN K!ng
I͝҉ń͜ ̧͞҉̡H̸̀ę̶̡͢l͟͟͠͠l̡ ̡͟í͘͝n͝͏   Timisoara, Timis, Romania
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⛧ Í̢̛N̶̨͢͞͞F̛͘O̸̧͢ ⛧
everyone calls me DemoN

I don't listen to music,I'm DEAF
Of course,i'm a male
My birthday is on 16.11.2XXX
I live in: Ŕ̸̡̕o̵̵̵̡m̴̨҉a҉̀͢n҉̛̀i̵͠a͝͠
My favorite game is: Team Fortress 2
I speak only english and romanian,don't speak me in another language that i don't understand
I live in a town called Timisoara
We all make mistakes,what it matters is to learn from them...
Don't name other people cheaters or luckers just because you suck at any game

Rules:Don't send me unfair trades
Don't beg for free stuff,get your own money
Don't add me without a reason
Don't add me if you have a private profile,your request will be refused and you will be BLOCKED
Don't add me just to use me as a trophy,i get friend requests EVERY DAY
Want to try to scam me? Good luck,no one succeeded
If you don't respect one of these rules and you're in my friend list i can easily remove you

I main Demoman
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I will respect any donator,not because they give me free stuff,but because I live a hard life...
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The last thing you will see in this wretched life...

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