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Alexandru   Timisoara, Timis, Romania

Din micul meu refugiu citadin privesc zambind colapsul,
Focalizand aritmic.
Intr-o buna zi voi fi cel mai bun tata vitreg
Inca imi doresc o bicicleta!
Sunt genul de om care te asteapta in scara cu robinetul
Sa te faci mare si urs sa-i fi ma-tii de ajutor
Sa nu te tirezi in Franta,
Sa ramai in tomberon.
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Of course,i'm a male
My birthday is on 16.11.2XXX
I live in: Ŕ̸̡̕o̵̵̵̡m̴̨҉a҉̀͢n҉̛̀i̵͠a͝͠
I speak only english and romanian
I live in a town called Timisoara

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Don't beg for free stuff,get your own money
Don't add me without a reason
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Don't add me just to use me as a trophy,i get friend requests EVERY DAY
Want to try to scam me? Good luck,you will need it
I love dank memes
No Homo

I main Demoman
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"They say the sun's still shining, that you can feel it in your core, but I ain't seen nobody move that weren't going for the door."
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'According to scientists, lead pipes aren't very good for your health. According to leading Mann Co fashion advisors, they look fantastic as a hat! Make the right call.'

Made for Operation Canteen Crasher!
Inspired by the Antlers.

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Do you believe in... SIN? Can you even comprehend such a thing? Mystics Of Trash And Violence...

LISA reminds me of how hard and ♥♥♥♥ing painful life is sometimes.This game is a about what would happen if all human women would die.This game is about the journey of a miserable man trying to rescue a girl he really wants to call his daughter searching for her on an endless wasteland.On his journey he encounters severeal people he once called friends that now want him to suffer and pay for his sins,suffer for his mistakes,improve their own life by hurting him.Of course I didn't say that this man doesn't really deserves what happens to him.
What can I say about some characters I really love from the LISA series?

Brad Edwin Armstrong: (The man we talked about above) Worthless,Weak,Passable,Capable,Hardened,Haunted by his broken past,the abuse from his father Marty Armstrong and the suicide of his sister, Lisa (the worst person in the series). A Sinful man looking for redemption who tries to fix his past by taking care of the girl he finds out of nowhere.On his journey he kills,he sacrifices blood and sweat,even the people he finds to rescue his ,,daughter'' from people he doesn't trusts.

Buddy: (The girl we talked about above) Most likely the only woman left alive in the series. A girl with mysterious past,as a baby she was adopted and grown up by Brad to wipe his past out. She servers a major and important role in the series being the only woman left alive (and most people want to♥♥♥♥♥♥her.. rly?...). She becomes strong in the final chapter of the series and does everything she can to create herself a peaceful life. Judges Brad at first but understands him before he dies trying to take her back. She is the key to all endings,since almost everyone want to get her.

Dr. Yado: The death cause of almost all the humanity,A man of Science with a wicked mind who tries to build a world full of mutants using the hugely addictive drug called Joy. The original father of Buddy who uses her in his plans of ,,purging'' the world.

Alex Churchland: He's the main character of LISA: The Pointless (A LISA fangame I really like) and also my favorite character from this series. Alex is a kind, generous person. He tends to avoid fights when he can (And unfortunately he almost never can), and dislikes violence. He used to practice martial arts,like Brad ,specifically "Gung-Fu" (A play on Kung-Fu),he fights using a style called Velvet-fu. Alex was forced to become a Garbage Man and then became actual garbage. In the first chapter of the game, he is looking for a better place to live.

Let's just hope that things like the White Flash and WW3 never happen,for the sake of humanity. 10/10
ᎪᏒᏦ Aug 16 @ 10:38pm 
Have a nice day!
SniperDirectorϟϟ Jul 26 @ 4:49am 
:stalin::soviet: Profile Aproved By The God Him-Self :soviet::stalin:
Takumi Jul 19 @ 3:58am 
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Big Smoke Jul 11 @ 2:14pm 
This guy is in auschwitz because some nazi ♥♥♥♥♥ take him and thă guy say is not jew.But i don.t know if he is ded or he♥♥♥♥♥♥a german dik
TheRomanianGuy Jul 10 @ 6:17pm