Oliver Therkelsen Hansen   Vejle, Vejle, Denmark
How are you supposed to be a proper warmonger without forcing the population to drop their savage tongue and speak properly. :mailedfist:

Remember, a StuG is for life, not just for christmas

I delete data like you on the way to real errors

"They're fools. You should eat them." -Wrex
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☭ Halløj med dig knægt and welcome to my profile
:balloonicorn: About me:

Oi, my name is DeathTrooper, I come from a small awesome country known as Denmark.
I am 21 years old. I have time to play games with friends and chat with whomever.
Danish is my mothertongue. I am quite good at English and i speak German to some extent.

:purpleteam: Adding me:

- First off. I only add people with open accounts. Meaning, if you have a private account i will most likely block you.

- If you want to play a game with me. Feel free to add me.

- If you want to trade, please make a comment below.
Note: I am currently not selling any of my unusual hats or other items i have in my inventory.

:army: Information you might find useful:

- Full Name: Oliver Therkelsen Hansen
- Status: Active [x] Inactive []
- Favorite Vehicle: Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B
- Origin Name: Deathtrop
- Current Favorite games: Europa Universalis IV, Team Fortress 2, War Thunder, Hearts of Iron IV, Crusader Kings II, :P::A::Y::TheD::A::Y::2:.
- Favorit Games Outside Steam: World of Tanks, World of Warships, Mass Effect Series.

:mailedfist: My System

Main Computer:
- CPU: i7-7700k
- GPU: Dual Nvidia Geforce GTX 970
- RAM: DDR4 32GB
- Operating System: Windows 10 Home
- Motherboard: MSI Z270
- Harddisk: 3TB Mechanical and 200GB SSD
- Monitor: ASUS MX279
- Mouse: M65 Pro RGB
- Keyboard: Corsair k95 rgb platinum
- Headset: Razer Blackshark

:2017stickydrink: My Theme:

The End :spycon:
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This Is bob.
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