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What do ya want lad, im busy
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About me or what ever
Games I play

I mainly play
Tf2 :sticky:
Gmod :gmod:

Stuff about me

Personality; chill guy that does not try to get angry fast does not get pissed fast so you dont have to worry me getting mad unless your trying to.

I like turtles, and shrek is my religion
I listen to piano music if you care to read this; (prob don't) I also play the piano

If you add me just to offer for one of my tf2 items and its something of good value cough cough my australium blutsauger don't offer crap for it and get mad when i don't accept

Also if your a scammer or someone trying to get my to participate in some site for coins or what ever dont bother because im not dumb

I also make tf2 maps and may expand later if you want to check some them out here they are

Reasons to add me
If you need me to contact a person that blocked you
If you have to tell me something about my staff on my server or have a question about my server
You want to trade (because im a open minded person)
If you are one of my server's staff and need a easy way to contact me
if you just add me for no apperent reason and i have no idea what the heck you want either leave a comment bellow why or ill ignore it dont add me if you want me in one of your gambling sites or opskins idc for any of those

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jrmnkyboy Jul 1 @ 6:19pm 
? so hi
[SPB] xXPoltergeistXx Jun 9 @ 4:15pm 
How could you punish them if your banned :steamfacepalm:
daddy frenchi Jun 9 @ 3:26pm 
why make a ban appeal when i could just punish the admen
[SPB] xXPoltergeistXx Jun 9 @ 2:57pm 
Also you could fucken make a ban appeal
[SPB] xXPoltergeistXx Jun 8 @ 4:54pm 
modern hoobing Jun 8 @ 4:52pm 
faggot admen