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Where do I even begin with this game?
Well my introduction to the Steins;Gate universe started with the first couple of episodes of the anime. However as I discovered that a visual novel release would come to Steam shortly I decided to postpone it. A decision that I am really greatfull to myself for choosing. This story is amazing! It has some really interesting characters to follow and you can really feel the development throughout the story.
My biggest praise however has to go to "hououin kyouma"/Rintaro Okabe for being such an odd person that you somehow still can relate to. I was actually surprised by how his internal dialouge changes as things turn more sour.
Though everything can't be a praise of this game as I would seriously argue that the PC port is somewhat pourly made especially in the controls department. I would have really appreciated if they had taken the time to make a proper use for the keyboard and not keep the same weird controller system. Also the different manues feel rather sloppy in design and the fact that you can only have 60 saves is an odd thing for a PC game??
But back to the praise, music is another high as they seem to have picked the quality over quantity with only a few songs reused throughout the story. I believe there is about 6 songs total however the mesmerizing sound that is pulled by especially "Believe me" is what really takes it home.
Voiceacting is something that I am not entirely sure how to judge as I don't speak japanese which is the only option. But I will strech as far as to say that most sounds seem rather appropriate for the chracters they portray. Even though they really should fix the screaming for Daru as it sounds nothing like a scream. The english text is really well written however occasional spelling errors can be found.
But how could I forget about the endings!
This is the main reason I would argue that you should play this before watching the anime as it allows you to make your own decisions on the way. So when you at some point get to watch the anime you will be able to enjoy seing the differences in decisionmaking. Otherwise the different options allow for an even larger story based upon the chracters which simply works as a great excuse to spend more time with a universe like no other I have seen in anime.

To summarize:

Pros +
+Engaging story throughout which only turns better as you continue
+Realistic character portrayal
+Mesmerizing music

Cons -
-poorly formatted for PC
-some use of japanse puns combined with english fall flat when you can only understand english
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