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Posted: Jun 25, 2021 @ 11:02am
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"Engineered For Survival!“

Set 15 years after the events from the sci-fi classic Alien (1979). Amanda Ripley- daughter of legendary queen, Ellen Ripley gets an offer from Weyland-Yutani synthetic, Samuels, to find out what happened to her mother vis-a-vis a black box salvaged from the Nostromo. Taken aboard the space trading station Sevastapol, which upon arrival, cannot be made contact and docking has not been cleared. Thus, a small crew tries to cross using a line but quickly gets cut off from the outside and the test to survive begins~

I thought it was severely draggy, with not much else new to add but you have to applaud them for trying to fill in the gap between Alien & Aliens and for bringing a proper game-adaptation. Fact, you probably can’t help but compare situations from AIN to the film franchise! Not a bad thing in itself, because reminiscence is its biggest selling point and boy, does it have a lot to give!!

There are nametags to collect and terminals where you can access emails that give some insight into the corporate drama and how others have been coping prior to as well as during the Alien incident. Which just gives a glimpse of the humanity, albeit one on the brink of collapse. Truly, the outbreak is upsetting and all can be taken away in the blink of an eye…

7 / 10

You have to be bold, resourceful and shifty. Explore the station at your own leisure AND risk for stashes that other jumpy survivors hid. All so you can craft, expand your arsenal of distractions and lethals. Then decide whether to go out guns blazing or the rat, cowering and sneaking by. Perhaps you’re a saboteur and create chaos from the shadows!!?

Most of the time, you’re pitted against the Alien in one LONG, grueling hide-and-seek game all while fulfilling objectives that at first include restoring- rerouting power, repairing things but soon demands drastic measures to deal with that unstoppable killing organism! As someone who’s finished it ages ago, I still struggled but it felt amazing to conquer and channel that Ripley energy~

It did get too repetitive by the end and follows from the overstretched plot. Took me close to 30 hours to finish the campaign… Because I attempted it on the “hardest” difficulty and a no-human-kill run. So, in terms of gameplay you’re all set- there’s even a “survival mode” basically challenge + time attack and there’s a leaderboard if you’re into that~

1. Always backtrack to unseal any shortcuts; you never know what can happen.
2. Let the Alien do your dirty work ;)
3. Keep the Alien at bay by aiming with the flamethrower and bolt!!!

9 / 10

It’s like stepping onto the set of the OG film that began it all… First few minutes, you’ll have a crash of nostalgia. You’ll spend quite a while admiring the detail and likeness of the interior!! Even when onboard the Sevastopol, every thing reminds you of 1979; retro yet modern computer interface, the architecture and of course the vastness expanse of space just out of reach.

The Alien looks a tad different but sucking up to it doesn’t yield you any mercy! It is remorseless and intelligent, its black the perfect camouflage. Of course, it also shows you a living but barely breathing station that’s otherwise new and refreshing. Sevastapol is gigantic to explore, and highlights your insignificantly weak status. However, AIN does have a dated, glossy look (made in 2014 after all) and the textures slightly cloudy. But take too long to look and you’ll be done for~

8.5 / 10

Chest-bursting is what I’d describe the fascination and mostly dread that ring in your ears. The remastered OG and score unique to AIN sends you into a panic every chance it gets! Sometimes even drowning out more important audio. Purposefully designed to play off your fear and the orchestral tension that spikes in intervals, paralyzed me in the vents… which is safe r-right!?

Sound design is crisp, astounding, with the ship’s MANY rumbles, fizzles and clangs that again throw you off. Did something see me? Is it just around the corner!!! Cues from the Alien are enough to leave me in cryosleep- every snarl, hiss or growl signals its awareness and you’d better listen before reacting~

10 / 10

No amount of resemblance can save the drearily bland characters. Who we just never spend much time with… One spends half(?) the game unconscious and the other’s practically either with said sleeper or off on his own! Performances are also a mixed bag; best being Ripley herself then supporting cast, cameos from OG cast and NPCs, but wildly inconsistent. Amanda doesn’t have much of a backstory or personality. She’s not even that good of a scream queen!!

5 / 10

The gory, impaling parts gives some goosebumps but remember the 1979 film used the Alien sparingly to prey on your fears- what’s it doing, WHERE is it now!? Here, it’s a greatest-hits treatment of the Alien succeeds because of its unpredictability. Conveying what the films could not- visualizing yourself there in the wake of a foreign invasion. What it does to people’s psyches, instilling and sowing mistrust. Come on, the androids know exactly what and when to turn up their speakers. It’s true the Alien does overstay its welcome but it’s the little details that make it formidable…

For instance, spotting the pest even before their official encounter? Also, how it trails you wherever you go, bumping in the vents- the very same ones, you go to strategize in… sometimes!!? AIN does an outstanding job of situating you in “caught-you-with-your-pants-down” and suffocating scenarios. Hoping not to die when you’re scrambling to save your progress, cutting through the panels… The motion tracker is reassuring to have but therein lies the mystery too. What do the blips represent, are the measurements accurate and why did that one stop moving!? The journey is paved with loads of uncertainty~

9.5 / 10

x Objects sporadically clipping or floating in mid-air.
x Enemies seated but levitated off the ground.
x Reloading spawn a separate motion tracker or the synthetics’ tablet mid-air.
x An already cut-through emergency panel still has an invisible wall preventing entry.
x Cutscene of Amanda being catapulted away plays twice after being knocked down by the Alien
x Map displayed me as on another floor.
x Alien phases through ceiling when jumping into a vent from a lower level.
x Stuck in a save-death loop, when aboard the Anesidora…
x Security access tuner minigames share a screen/interface with the Sevastolink terminals

~ The reach of the synthetics’ kicks go so far it’s frustrating when you’re hiding under desks.
~ Conversation goes on even though Alien is nearby; scripted not circumstantial
~ Random unarmed survivors spawn and behave all funnily when they see you.
~ Even on highest difficulty (excluding Nightmare); human & Alien AI (detection radius) are uneven.
~ The text “Device invalid” should say “require Security access tuner lvl 3 upgrade”. Saves time!

"…oh RIP…

An exemplary survival horror that does the Alien legacy proud, but doesn’t venture anywhere new. Its oppressive tone and sound overshadow the forgettable cast and plot.

8.2 / 10

Sending a love-filled transmission to Unplugged for da key and collaboration!
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DeadeGuard98 Jul 2, 2021 @ 6:18pm 

I agree, but I liked that the OG 4 was predominantly about survival and the effaced threat the Alien infestation posed... Of course, the lengths the scientific mind and corp ramifications could go to study it, be famous- all that jazz~

And the new films more about learning what led to the Alien outbreak. Being more intellectual and philosophical. So far the franchise is one big, amazing feat.

Also, the set design and prop- at the time was revolutionary!! This will always impress me~~
Drugoja Jul 2, 2021 @ 5:53pm 
I watched all 4 movies + Prometheus (quite liked that one) Haven't seen the last one. Of the first four, they were kind of progressively worse? Second and third are good action movies (especially the second one), but the first one is a great horror and the only truly great film, to me. It was just so... "chest-bursting" to borrow your word xD :ss13heart:
DeadeGuard98 Jul 2, 2021 @ 5:35pm 
@drugoja YAY!!! Oh you said first, so you weren't a fan of the trilo- quadrilogy? XD

(I recently re-watched the whole thing, even the more recent Ridley Scott origins stories and it's fabulous!!)

I'd advise taking your time and even for a "veteran" lmao. I became a "chickenshi*" tooo~

Both times, once when I played on PS4 and then again recently when requested XD

Drugoja Jul 2, 2021 @ 10:40am 
Oh man, I LOVE the first Alien movie. I would play this in a heartbeat... if I wasn't such a chickenshit when it comes to survival horror :oxinablanket: I'm pretty desensitized for all kinds of terror and sick stuff in movies, but games... eh :lunar2019piginablanket:

But your review is very evocative :lunar2019piginablanket: Enjoyed reading it :lunar2019grinningpig:
DeadeGuard98 Jun 27, 2021 @ 3:20pm 
@Two Clicks Continuation is good, a mid-prequel of sorts though I wish they could have furthered the plot slightly further (just a tinge).

You're absolutely right, flawed but it made use of what it could do!! Gameplay was phenomenal and worth every $.

The first time I played- I wasn't reviewing either~ Luckily I was requested to do this, I noticed things I didn't before on account of all the *GASPS* and *SCREAMS* I was overwhelmed by XD

Thank you for the comment :Janitor_Heart:
DeadeGuard98 Jun 27, 2021 @ 3:17pm 
@Amirite As I did yours! And the Alien encounters- I do too, it's something unforgettable. Even though its AI was faulty at times- I dreaded being in the same space with it (no pun intended!!).

I'm glad I could provide some enjoyment, thanks for stopping by : ) : D
Two Clicks Jun 27, 2021 @ 10:44am 
Aint that rite Amirite. :) Loved playing this game. It wasnt perfect by any means but it showed what can be achieved with the tech available. Loved the cont. of the story to. The gameplay was tip top. Thanks for a great review. When I played this I wasnt reviewing much. Something I regret.
Amirite Jun 27, 2021 @ 8:10am 
Still tingles my spine when I think of all the encounters I had with the Alien.
I enjoyed reading this.
DeadeGuard98 Jun 27, 2021 @ 5:26am 
@Tasi : 3

Thanks so muccchhhh~ :UDG_Heart::UDG_Surprise:
Tasi Jun 27, 2021 @ 4:42am 
very nice review