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Show: Shit I don't know.. you tell me!
Movie: The Goonies
Current Song: [N/A]
Game: Garry's Mod
YouTuber: none

Shows or Movies: BTTF, The Goonies, Saving Private Ryan, etc.
Games: Guitar Hero III:hmmmx:Counter-Strike 1.6:hmmmx:Counter-Strike: Source:hmmmx:Grand Theft Auto IV:hmmmx:Grand Theft Auto V:hmmmx:Garry's Mod:hmmmx:Team Fortress (All):hmmmx:Dying Light:hmmmx:Half-Life (All):hmmmx:Black Mesa:hmmmx:Stubbs The Zombie In Rebel Without A Pulse:hmmmx:Synergy:hmmmx:Quake:hmmmx:Killing Floor (all):hmmmx:METAL GEAR SOLID 2 & 4:hmmmx:The Evil Within (2) are my top listed games.

Quotable Moments
TSMB2 - Last Monday at 9:36 AM
Nigga what? @DeadShadow
I'll fuck you up rn boi
You look like a spoiled expired bag of Canadian almond milk
Built like a broken squeaky hospital gurney
You look like an overweight bag of Brawny double-ply paper towels
You're shaped like an oversized overcooked burnt butchered camel's knuckle
@DeadShadow bitch ass. Bitch.
TSMB2 - 03/15/2017
look like an oversized Krispy Kreme glazed donut
you smell like frosted's sister's ex boyfriend's stepdad's dip spit cup
8:58 PM - DeadShadow: message me something gay so i can put it on my profile
8:58 PM - Shifty: anus
8:59 PM - DeadShadow: it's going on my profile
15:44 - &KeemstarTheyAreAllRetards: payday sounds like peidei which means i farted in portuguese

I'm not a spambot!
I actually talk to people.

steamname: DeadShadow
steam3ID: [U:1:30907639]
steamID32: STEAM_0:1:15453819
SteamID64: 76561197991173367

The Dream Team
Probably the best.


Memorable Quotes
"I don't believe in rage quitting, I believe in tactical quitting."
"Mate, you're ruining the game! You're not letting me cheat, mate!"
"What are we gonna insta-kill, our fucking dicks?"
"its like no one gets how he does hit those note sections. he's what? better player in the world?"
"If I die before someone else does, does that mean I would've beaten them to death?"

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The old tornado mod
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32 Hours played
Half-Life 1 all over again, but better.
Played Half-Life? Buy this game.
Never played Half-Life? Buy this game.
Multiplayer? Buy this game.
No cutscenes? Buy this game
Never played a game? Buy this game.
What did you do yesterday? Buy this game.
What will you do today? Buy this bloody game.
Who said yes? Buying the game did.
Why did I repeat the words Buy(ing) this game?
No reason intended.
See it in store? Buy the game.
It's HD. Buy this game.

Good game.

"11/2 would play again. Freeman roaming around, breaking boxes and killing zombies." - IGN

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