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I KILL MALAKAS Jan 18 @ 9:52am 
Loka sange brahmadnyan ani swataha korde pashan :sleepy_yeti:
GIGGITY Dec 30, 2021 @ 6:16am 
you wasted 2021 with that skills?
Chop_St!cks Dec 20, 2021 @ 12:17am 
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I KILL MALAKAS Dec 17, 2021 @ 5:46am 
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Have a nice evening you have nothing to be ashamed of
I KILL MALAKAS Dec 16, 2021 @ 10:28pm 
Hey! Saw you comment about that offer for the karambit.. still works? lemme know.
Chop_St!cks Dec 2, 2021 @ 5:30am